Friday, October 15, 2010

#Geocache365: Week 9 - October 4th-10th

Monday: Day 57 - Resorting to some night caching when we DNF'd before having dinner with the family.

Kris: Unfortunately DNF'd an attempt before dinner with Mark's family before his Dad headed home to AZ so we had to go after dinner and therefore, in the dark. Mark: Now that the sun is setting before 7pm, we are having to find more and more of cache a days in the dark. Having o find  cache on the fly that can be found in the dark can prove to be a challenge. I think we got lucky tonight. This cache was a milestone for me, it was my 1000th cache find in Minnesota.

Tuesday: Day 58 - A truly very EVIL hide! It is a good thing that the muggle drivers are unaware of the evil.

Kris:  Aptly named puzzle cache in a high traffic area.  We were heading down the parkway on the way to the lakes for the run and wanted to get this one to verify the final coordinate placement. Mark: The published coords for this puzzle are in the middle of the nearby lake and during a run earlier in the day we saw a great place for a cache hide but we figured this cache was nearby. After our run I spent some time solving this cache to see if our potential hiding spot was available. Unfortunately not, but the moment when I realized how to solve this puzzle was fun.

Wednesday: Day 59 - Thank You for Geocaching!

Kris:  Near our favorite Lifetime club we had to again go for one in the dark.  Weather has been holding out for us though so it's just fighting the dark for the find, not the cold...yet. Mark: One of the things that makes night caching for #Geocache365 an issue is not necessarily finding the cache (in this case it was very easy and i got us to ground zero just using the satellite map on my iPhone) but rather trying to figure out what to take a picture of, my iPhone does not take the greatest nighttime pictures. After struggling a bit Kris figured out this picture and it turned out to be very appropriate. A second milestone this week, this is my 1000Th Traditional Cache. So Thank You!

Thursday: Day 60 - Ready, Set, Go! No bug spray required.

Kris: Had to make a quick find nearby to home so Mark could get to the recycling center and drop off an old TV.  Plus I wanted to get home to start a batch of turkey chili :)  Wishing I had my hiking boots on though for this one. Mark: To often caches are in the woods and there is not much around that makes for an interesting picture, not so today. The cache was just off a single track mountain bike trail that I have ridden on several occasions and right next to the trail is the very backwater scummy pond which today looked very pristine especially with the power line tower. I was also amused by the cache "container" and I could not help from dropping a veiled reference in the tweet for the day.

Friday: Day 61 - Must be Homecoming?

Kris: Over in St. Paul to use our Living Social coupon for a comedy show and came across a nearby park.   Funny there were two houses nearby covered in TP.  Hence today's description.   Cache was in an obvious beacon in the middle of what seemed to be a somewhat abandoned park. Mark: It is one thing to look at the geocaching map sitting at my desk and pick a cache to find in Mendota Heights on the way to a comedy club but when you get on site things take on a different perspective and grabbing a quick cache is a lot harder then it looked. After driving by our original intended cache an realizing there was nowhere to park we resorted to this cache which work out rather well.

Saturday: Day 62 - A skirt lifter. Sure, but which one?
Kris:  We were on our way through my old stomping ground to a 30th birthday dinner for my long time friend and came upon a cache with a name that implied it should be a quick find. Mark: A cache named "Skirt Lifter"? Sure enough, made for a quick P&G. Took more time trying to figure out what to take a picture of.

Sunday: Day 63 - 10/10/10! A day full of events with a Cherry on Top!!

Kris:  A fantastic day full of geocaching events!  The final event was from 10:10:10pm until 12:01am at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Mark: Nothing like looking for a cache with about 20+ other people and spending far to much time not finding it. After taking a few pictures and watching everyone else for a bit I decided to get my hands dirty and really give it a good look. After looking around the structure for a bit I came to the conclusion where I would hide the cache which caused me to pause and look around. Sure enough Gilby was standing there with a few other caches and it was obvious that he had the cache in his hands. After staring at him for a few seconds he said I suppose I will put the cache back so others could find it. He put it back right where I thought it should have been.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#Geocache365: Week 8 - September 27th - October 3rd

Monday: Day 50 - Park Here! Really? Are you sure I won't come back and have to say Hi to the nice officer.

Mark: Driving out to Waconia for dinner with Kris's parents and since we did not bring a dog with it allowed us to head into the woods to grab a cache.  Kris: Now as you can see this doesn't really look like an actual parking space.  It was a bit nerve-racking leaving the car (hoping a cop wouldn't be ticketing it when we got back) but we had a nice walk into the woods where there were a couple of obvious beacons.  Luckily the mosquitos were down and we made our way to the right one.

Tuesday: Day 51 - A quick P&G despite what the previous logs indicate.

Mark: I met Kris at Byerlys for some grocery shopping and then we grabbed a cache in nearby Valley Place Park.  Kris:  Nothing too special about this find as we just had to find something for the day.  With the nice weather though we did have to pretend to look like we were hanging out behind the sign with a purpose other than looking around in the rocks for a pill bottle!

Wednesday: Day 52 - Good thing the "May Require Swimming" attribute was not selected.

Mark: Met Kris for lunch and we decided to grab a quick cache after dropping off some ZapEvent fliers at Downtown Dog.  Kris: Always nice to go caching along the river.   There were two obvious types of beacons to search and it was hard to search both quickly (before the meter cops came around) with lots of muggles on the trail.   Luckily we found it and could sit on the ledge without looking like we were obviously up to something.

Thursday: Day 53 - There are a lot of bulls-eyes around here, not sure which one to target my search.

Mark: Down in Edina for dinner with a coupon and to see Zola Budd and the new Newton Trail shoes at Gear running store, we picked up another of the CoJ puzzles that I had the solution for.  Kris:  Mark already had the solution to this puzzle and we happened to be in the area.  Unfortunately this is one where I wish they gave an altitude along with the coords.  Took a bit longer to search all options before we found it.

Friday: Day 54 - Nope, no deer tonight. Well except for this one.

Mark: A very quick stop on the way to Byerlys to grab some dinner.  Kris:  This one had a cute cache name and was a quick find walking along the sidewalk.   Traffic made it difficult to grab and replace though without being seen.

Saturday: Day 55 - Hangin with Marcy, reading our Delorme Map books.

Mark: In St. Paul for the Twin Cities Marathon Expo, we had a chance to park right next to this cache and we grabbed it on our way out. Kris:  Great spot for some cute pictures (as you can see).   The description and hint pretty much lead us right to the spot but again had to be mindful of muggles and pretend to be bending down for a reason other than to search benches undersides for magnetic containers.

Sunday: Day 56 - Believe it or not this view is only a few feet from the road, just like the cache.

Mark: We spent most of the morning cheering on at the Twin Cities Marathon but we forgot to grab a cache at the ALARC 20 mile wall so we ended up picking up a non-winter friendly cache near the house.  Kris: A quick find just a few feet off the road and finally a day without a location full of muggles!  Leaves definitely cover up a lot more hiding spots in fall though so there was a bit more digging to check all the possible spots before we found the right one.

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