Monday, November 8, 2010

#Geocache365: Week 13 - November 1st-7th

Monday: Day 85 - No way is that a winter friendly cache. Glad we grabbed it before it snows.

Tuesday: Day 86 - Too bad it is not a football stadium, what a waste.

Wednesday: Day 87 - Looks like an old road goes by this Mouse House.

Thursday: Day 88 - 3rd and an opportunity to get a picture of both of us together. Thanks 3humps!

Friday: Day 89 - A View From a Cache.

Saturday: Day 90 - I can see THE Mall from here.

Sunday: Day 91 - What time is it? It is about time to find the cache! Nice find after the game.

#Geocache365: Week 12 - October 25th-31st

Monday: Day 78 - "above his chamber door, With such a name as 'Nevermore.'"

Tuesday: Day 79 - More worried about being blown away then being shocked.

Wednesday: Day 80 - Mazel tov! Never knew this was back here, something new everyday. Shalom.

Thursday: Day 81 - Wait a minute! I think I found a clue.

Friday: Day 82 - Here fishy fishy fishy. Here fishy fishy fishy. That's a good fish!

Saturday: Day 83 - Nice find on a beautiful late fall afternoon and a very creative container.

Sunday: Day 84 - Happy Halloween! A quick pic with my niece before finding our cache nearby.

#Geocache365: Week 11 - October 18th-24th

Monday: Day 71 - It's October in MN, shouldn't there be ice here?

Mark: Down in the area for a business social meet & greet and on the way home we looked around to see what we could find. We liked this container a lot, very creative.

Tuesday: Day 72 - The Robbinsdale skyline at sunset, the watertower is a benchmark.

Mark: A quick find after work and our run and the sun is beginning to set a little too early.

Wednesday: Day 73 - I'm tempted to post a picture of the cache but it's better without spoilers.

Mark: Quick grab on our way to lift and soak at the club. I was really impressed by this container, I have seen other like it but not with the flair of creativity this one has. Juat don't let the Sergent from Toy Story so the container.

Thursday: Day 74 - Our favorite hobbies are Swim, Bike, Run, Geocaching and making shadow pics.

Mark: I have actually shared this hobby in the past and someday I hope too brew some more. We had fun making shadow puppets in the noonday sun for our picture.

Friday: Day 75 - Found the cache, did we stretch the limit on that one??

Mark: This was our second attempt, the first time was at lunch time and there was way too many muggles around. This evening, no one was around but it still took us more time the the parking sign allowed to find this cache.

Saturday: Day 76 - Am I missing something? That has got to be the loneliest playground ever!

Mark: We spent the morning at a local apple orchard and on our way home we decided to clean out a rural park. Five caches in less than 30 minutes but my favorite was the playground out in the middle of an completly empty field. I am fairly sure that the kids who play here are few and far between.

Sunday: Day 77 - Out for our 20 mile run and parked the support car 71 feet from a cache.

Mark: Planning for our 20 mile run we needed to park one of our cars about a third of the way on our out and back route. After the run we stopped back to pick up the car only to discover that we parked 71 feet from a cache, made it easy to grab our cache for the day.

#Geocache365: Week 10 - October 11th-17th

Monday: Day 64 - Rats! We found it. Spoiler Alert, but it was just too cute to pass up.

Mark: Out at lunch for a Sampling Survey, we arrived a bit early and figured we would gab our cache for the day.

Tuesday: Day 65 - What? Pass up on a chance to Geocache and grab a Cup of Joe? Never!

Mark: Had a fun morning with a few of our geocaching friends, unfortunatly the coffee house was a bit late in opening up this morning so we had to play hooky for a little while.

Wednesday: Day 66 - Reason #1 to make sure that you have a water proof bag for the log. A soggy log!

Mark: Now this was absolute MUSH! Please when you hide a cache make sure it is water proof and or that you have a ziplock to keep the log dry.

Thursday: Day 67 - Oooohhhh, Aaaahhhhh, Sparkly!

Mark: I have been looking for a GeoGem for a long time, we were down in Apple Valley  to pick up my Wedding Running Shoes and Kris noticed that a nearby cache might have the gem in it. So without telling me why we were off to find our cache of the day and a prize.

Friday: Day 68 - Caching by the cars high beams.

Mark: Down in Bloomington to visit Kri's sister new townhouse we of course had to find a nearby cache.

Saturday: Day 69 - A Game of Hangman, Geocaching Style.
Mark: MnGCA Fall event and plenty of activities to do and this was one of my favorites. We quickly narrowed down the search area and I was litterly on top of the cache but due to it's unique container I missed it the first time.
Sunday: Day 70 - Crap! That was very quick and easy this time, I have no idea how we DNF'd it.

Mark: Like I said, I have no idea how I missed this one the first time. If you know what to llok for this one is obvious and it was the seconf time, just laying out in the "open"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Quick Wedding Updates

I just realized that we've been so geocaching obsessed on this blog that I posted wedding updates to my personal blog but not here.   Sorry, here goes....

Not much real planning to do any more without the reception so we're basically just down to making sure we have all of our outfits in line. Mark picked up his wedding shoes a couple weeks ago so we are going to use them for short, clean runs to get them broken in between now and the wedding. I picked up my tulle and some other shiny, sheer fabric. I've got some fun ideas for my veil but now just have to figure out how in the heck to actually put it together.

We have completed our first 20 mile training run (which I affectionately call our "wedding rehearsal") and we both have our nutrition down pretty well.  I have been having knee pains which have been annoying to rehab but it's tolerable so far.  Been trying to stay on soft trails for our long runs.  We managed to hold a 9:20-something average pace for the 20 miler so I was very happy with that.

We've also decided that we are just going to do a potluck type get together with our immediate families and a couple close friends at Mark's moms house in mid-January when the wedding video is finalized.   Not quite the grand unveiling and celebration I was hoping for but at least the important people to us will be together.
The Course Map and Elevation Chart are also available now if you are interested in seeing the RnR route. The second half is a LOT of twisting and turning but luckily the final 6 miles are nearly all at a nice downhill grade.

You can also sign up for runner tracking HERE if you are interested in keeping an eye on how we are doing on the marathon. We will be running all of the marathon together so you will only need to really get updates on one of us :)
FOR OUR GEOCACHING FRIENDS (my shameless plug) - Be sure to follow my articles for fun geocaching related news and events. Geocaching in Minneapolis

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