Thursday, August 8, 2013

Random post

So as I've mentioned before, I need to get better at blogging short posts just to capture randomness.
Tonight we went over to Ronald McDonald House for a tour. What an amazing place! It's huge with beautiful rooms, kitchens, play areas, backwards, a half court for basketball, and the only remaining k-12 school left in the state!! We were very impressed at the work they do and look forward to helping them more in the future. We dropped off a donation. Even though the Skirt Chaser race didnt make money his year, we wanted to do something to show them we want to help and stay connected.

Went for a run along the river afterwards and it felt pretty good. 4 miles with 2 miles a little faster in the middle. Middle miles were comfortably averages at 8:39. We both bough new shoes on clearance from Startline. With the IT band problems I've had over the past 2 years, I'm going back to a "drop" shoe. I think the zero drop stuff was causing the problems.
Not going to loose us to easily with these bright babies!!

Mark has Nike and I'm in Saucony.

Last night we were out at Carol's and Mark finished up power washing the deck.

Sugar joined us for the night out too and is helping me supervise :)

Supposed to have done a cross training but didnt have time. Week 2 of training for the TC 10. Basically I feel like if we can survive the TC 10 at an OK pace then I'll feel like a runner again. Winter weight is still on and stress levels have been high due to all the work/jobs going on so training is very minimal.

Weather had been oddly (but wonderfully) fall-like for most of the summer. Fantastic for running in the morning.....or sleeping in with the windows open as we have been choosing to do.

Hm...another random iPhone pic
Here's my new office space at ZapEvent. 4th move in the building since I started. This is nice though, Jeff and I share an office on the first floor where we can watch the world go by.

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