Monday, January 20, 2014

Our First Snowy Owl Encounter

Today we had two goals....pick out a new, used car and get a good photo of a Snowy Owl. 

First task was due to the fact that Mark got in an accident with an idiot on Christmas Eve and his Focus got totaled out.  So we got enough from insurance to go find another used car and also get new tires for my Charger.  We didn't want to buy anything that would end us up with a car payment yet.  Just find something in good condition that will get us by for another year or two.

So we ended up with a Suzuki SX4 from Buffalo Ford

After that, we were off to Ramsey.  We have heard SO many reports of local Snowy Owls there this winter that we knew it should be an easy place to find one and spend some time trying to get a good photo.  And after 3 hours of hanging out with this beauty, here are some of our favorite shots:

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