Monday, May 3, 2010

Gift Registry and a Wedding Band...check

Kris: We've been getting a lot of emails now that we have attended a few different wedding expos.  A few we ignore and a few we can't pass up.  Like last Thursday.  Macy's was having a special "Sip and Scan" event where you come in do create a registry at one of their stores and they feed you hors d'ouvres.  We didn't think we'd really find a lot of things to register for but decided maybe we could get some free food and register for some fun items that we may or may not actually advertise.   But let me tell you....check out our registry at Macy's please!  We had a lot of fun and registered for some great grilling, kitchen and bedding items.   Granted there are some fairly expensive items but there are a lot of reasonably priced items too.   Here's Mark registering for some new bedding sets:

We both found it quite funny that when you walk in, they hand the woman the clipboard with the checklist and hand the guy the scanner :-P

As we left we even got a gift bag with a few coupons and free champagne flutes.

And I have to give a shout out to our Macy's "attendant" Walter.   He was the registry expert that got us going and helped us through the process.  He had a fun personality and was great to work with.

Mark: Walter was a riot!!

Kris: Friday, Arthur's Jewelers was having a wedding band event and we had spoken with one of their salesmen, Gary, at the Twin Cities Wedding Fair.  So we decided to stop over there and hopefully find a wedding band for Mark since the deal was $100 off and no sales tax if you purchase that night.   Well again little did we know that when we got there, they had sandwiches, fruit, veggies, a chocolate fountain, pop, beer and wine for the event shoppers :D

So we happily ate our way around the store and looked at a lot of different rings.   Gary was there to help us and was another fun person we've gotten to work with.  Luckily Mark found a great ring at a good price AND we were well fed by time we left ;)

Mark: Not kidding, they had a really nice spread of food, including some good beer and wine choices.

Kris: It was such a beautiful evening we decided to put off our training run until the next morning and enjoy the weather.  We ended up over at Sapor Cafe for another glass of wine and some fantastic dessert and of course as we were waiting we pulled out the iPhone to see what caches were in the area.   I saw one nearby that had an interesting trackable in it.  It's a "coin" that I guess is part of a set of trackables that look like the cache symbols.   (TB39X75) So now I want to find one of each symbol ;)

This weekend we are going to a Geocaching 10 Year Anniversary Party (GC23T7E) and then to see the Owl City concert.   They are a fantastic group that is from Minnesota and I managed to win free tickets from 101.3 KDWB on Twitter Friday :)   Then on Sunday is the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon and probably some house work.

Quickly on that subject.....spoke with my realtor again this morning and it's official....we either need to come up with about $8-10k or else we need to wait to buy a house until we can save up the money.  Which is ironic considering it's hard to save while paying for BOTH of our houses and we want to consolidate into ONE....sigh..... :(

Mark: Also hard to save any money when we are paying for a wedding. So we are basically getting hit both coming and going.

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  1. Dang!! Wish we had that kind of treatment when we were planning our wedding! Looks like you had a blast, enjoy the ride because it flies by so fast.


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