Friday, June 11, 2010

Prospect Park, One Cute Cache, My First Annual 29th Birthday and the Engagement Photos :)

Kris: This past week there was a once a year event at Prospect Park in St. Paul.   Thanks to the wonders of Facebook I saw our friend Sarah McGee (who was also our engagement photographer) post a message about this.  Had she not posted it we would have totally missed it!  Mark: The power of Facebook! Kris: So the event was an ice cream social where you could get ice cream, root beer floats, food, there were kids activities, music and even a plant sale.   We bought a couple root beer floats and made our way over to pick up a cache in the park and wait in line to climb "Witch's Hat Tower" and pick up the answers for the virtual cache. It was such a beautiful night that TONS of people were there and we were in line for a good 1.5 hours. But it was worth it, sun was just setting as we got up there. This tower is on the highest natural point in Minneapolis and has a great view of downtown. Mark: I have always looked at the tower when driving by on interstate 94 and wished I could climb the tower. Well tonight was my lucky night.

Mark: I absolutly love the view from the Witch's Tower. The pictues do not do any justice to the real view. Well worth the wait!

Kris: For my birthday, Mark and I went to Forepaugh's restaurant in St. Paul (Mark: A Living Social deal) and since we got there a bit early, we walked to a nearby park to pick up a cache.  We had to be very cautious of muggles as there were a few sitting in direct view of where we knew the cache was hidden.  I made my way to the spot and took a seat, reaching around when no one was looking. 

Found the cache. LOVE the container, I seriously need to get one of these!

We picked up one more after dinner before heading home.

And we are super excited that we got our engagement photos back! Here's a link to check them out if you are interested. We are still working on picking out which we are going to purchase. (I want them all ;)

Also, if you are interested in following our wedding plans, be sure and follow me on Twitter (KMielke) or watch our Wedding Website on The I always post on Twitter when I make updates to the wedding website :)

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  1. Cool little container and congrats on the engagement.


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