Monday, April 4, 2011

New Cache Placement - LPC Series

Kris:  Ah, finally almost all the snow is gone and caches are coming free of the ice left and right :D   Mark and I are getting very excited to spend some upcoming weekends out caching.  Plus we've made plans to visit North Dakota and Colorado this year so I'll be adding two states to my map :)

Two weeks ago I placed my cache that is going to be part of the MN LPC Series.  We captured the coordinates on the GPS but then a few days later wiped the memory to upload new information and lost the coordinates.  (Drat.....)  So today we were back out in Waconia, checked on our creative container and grabbed the coordinates again.  I have always gotten a kick out of "skirt lifter" caches and the creation of this series by EP Minnesota has really brought out some fun containers in what is normally a very "film canister filled" environment

And if you would like to claim the prize I refer to in the end of the video.  Please email me at trichick7 (at)

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