Monday, June 24, 2013

Breakfast on Marathon Morning

For the first time in 6 years, neither of us were running or spectating Grandma's Marathon. It was weird but nice to sleep in and just have a day to relax. Twin Gables restaurant for breakfast. Chilly morning again for a hike through Amnicon State forest to checkout the crazy flood rapids

Now we are venturing towards Ashland and stopped at a cute cafe with the real deal when it comes to biscuits and gravy. Love finding places like this with the friendly staff and patrons. Almost wish we could stop back for dinner and try the bacon-dusted fries :)

After a long drive though some forest (can't remember the name but I'll remember the ticks and Mosquitos!!!) we caught a pair of northern flickers feeding their babies and wished we had brought our Mtn bikes to your this area a bit more.

And now for a giant fish statue in Ashland WI. We found it thanks to our "Roadside America" app

We really wanted to grill at least one night and admist the raindrops we cracked a couple drinks and enjoyed some brats, corn and s'mores. Of course....we had to make it interesting... Here's Mark's Facebook post about our grilling adventures:

And yes my formatting is yuck....they haven't quite gotten the "- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone" figured out. Was thinking I could save the draft and then edit back on my PC but I can only do it in html. Not ideal so please ignore my formatting :)

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