Saturday, December 7, 2013

3rd Anniversary - Spooner Dinner Train

Thanks to Groupon, we planned a fun anniversary outing this year.  Since Mark is a big train fan, we booked an evening dinner and B&B on a train.   It was one of the coldest days of the year but still made for a great time.  

Dinner was 5 courses while the train drove out and back along the tracks.  Was pretty late at night so it was dark outside and hard to really see anything and the food was good, not amazing but when one of our favorite restaurants is Travail, we hold the bar kinda high :-P

Once we got back to the station there was music and drinks back in the entertainment car.  We had a few drinks and kept dancing to the juke box music to keep warm.  Our rooms were nice and warm so we retired to our room and cuddle up in the bottom bunk.  Definitely tight quarters but was a super fun experience.   Morning there was a hot breakfast before we left and had to dart home to take care of the dogs.
Our sleeping quarters
Dinner Car

Oh and we saw this sign on the way home in some little WI town.  Had to take a picture of it.

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