Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sorry Blogger, we're leaving you

We've been blogging infrequently since we've been together and honestly, one of the main reasons why there are often gaps in posts is because of the insanity that is  It has been a good site but formatting has been nothing but a royal pain in my behind.  Luckily I know enough about basic HTML to go in and force things the way I want them but my tolerance for that only goes so far.  When I got started blogging, Blogger was definitely the site of choice for most basic/intermediate users and so along the way I've been waiting for them to make improvements/updates to fix what are seemingly simple formatting annoyances.   Picture insertions, alignment and sizing being some of them.   And when I choose a text color of blue....I really mean blue.  Not white, not black....BLUE!!  But here we are a few years down the road with nothing to show for progress really.   I was trying to insert a set of 3 pictures next to each other and after about 5 minutes of attempts, I threw up my hands and decided we are jumping ship.   Even though it meant we had to purchase a domain name of our own.  But for a first year price of just $2.99, it was well worth my sanity.  So....

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