Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Geocaching from a different angle

Kris:  This past weekend we had very little planned and it's AWESOME!  We slept in on Saturday (which was partially due to Mark having to work until 1am) and then spent some time working on geocaching but not actually getting any.   First we spent some time scoping out a new spot for Mark to place a cache.  I think he found a great spot for a "special" cache in St Louis Park.   Then, we went back to my place to prepare and activate our Travel Bugs.
Atomic Popsicle

and Dazzle Duck
(lol for those of you that can see the "effects" above, I'm learning html and like to play with it :-P)
They are both on a mission to swim, bike and run around the globe and end in Scotland at a geocaching friend of ours Geo-Gophers.   We're both very excited to start them on their way as this is the first trackable item for each of us.

In the evening, we were out in for dinner with my parent's.  But first we spent some time scouring the area for a place for me to place a cache.   We even drove out across the lake hoping to find a drivable route to the island to grab the two caches out there but unfortunately none of the "roads" got us close enough.  So they are left for another day as we wanted to check out a very specific spot for a cache I'd like to place.  As I have permission from the owners, I hope to have it up on the edge of some private land soon.   Just have to design the container ;)

Mark: Sunday was another day to sleep in as we had no set plans, other then being available to be called by work in case of issues with the move project. Which they did call. :(

We decided to make it a day for the dogs. Rugar and Journey got to go for a walk around the neighborhood and Roscoe and Sugar got to go out for some geocaching, allowing me to live up to my geocaching name, Team Dogs. The caches we tried for were ones that I already had near my house but Kris still needed to find and catch up to me a little bit. We tried for four and found three, not too bad for a nice afternoon with the pups in the snow.

In the evening, we took advantage of a special deal that if you wear race gear for a few select races, in our case we wore our 2009 Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon shirts, you got free entrance to Rollerdome and $5 discount on registration for the 2010 Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon. We had a great time on the blades and got in about an hour of going round and round. Afterwards, Kris claims that just her right gluteus muscle was sore.


  1. I love the blog...I have added myself as a follower. I noticed it though ScrappyScouts blog. Check ours out when you get a chance.

    Keep the posts coming!

  2. Oh yeah..and another thing...I cannot believe I am following the blog of Queen, and Twinky Fans!! The Twinkies are okay since they are in the A.L, but the Vi-Queens..wow. You guys did pretty well renting a quarterback from the Packers...HAHAHAHAHAH just kidding with ya!

  3. Yeah, I hear ya....Favre's last game as a packer was very similar...NFC Championship, last play was a pick...its hard to swallow!

  4. No...not a facebooker.
    come onto the chat if you want...linked at the top of the blog...a few guys in there right now.

  5. Cute TBs!!

    I bet the dogs all enjoyed their walks - do they like snow? Ours have only seen it once when they were tiny pups.


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