Friday, July 23, 2010

The Move

Kris:  This last week has been quite chaotic but we're getting a lot of things done as far as moving me into Mark's place.  Last Friday we had a contractor in to build in a closet, make a half wall a full wall, put in a door to the upstairs and also frame in a few windows.   It looks really nice and with that all in place, the upstairs is now a dog-free zone. 
New Linen Closet

Window for the pass through

Half wall and new Door

Mark: One of the benefits of separating of the upstairs for the cats is that now the wall unit air conditioner works incredibly well. Had to actually turn the air down to low, a first in the 10 years I have lived here because it was too cold upstairs.

Kris: We spent a good chunk of Saturday cleaning and putting in some shelving.  I was cleaning floor to ceiling upstairs and Mark was working in the basement and on the main floor.

Finishing off the Basement for the Dogs

New Shelves in the Kitchen

Mark: Amazing what projects I am getting done now that there is a female influence in the house again.

Kris: Saturday morning my Dad and a friend came over to take my grandfather clock.  We decided the best place for it is at Mom and Dad's house.  It will have to stay there until we get our new house.  Late afternoon the plan was to go for a longer bike ride with a group of our friends but the weather blew in storms and tornado watch/warnings so unfortunately that got canned :(  But we did have a group of our Tour de France friends over in the evening to watch Stage 13.

Sunday was a full moving day.  We rented a U-Haul truck to get all of the large items moved around.  We had stuff from Mark's to go to storage and stuff from my place to go to storage and another load up to the house.  Kind of a bummer for me that I had to take apart my bed set and throw all that into storage.  All except for the bed as we switched out Mark's doggie king for my kitty queen.  Makes the bedroom look huge and my bed look small!  And thank goodness we got a few extra hands to help us get the monstrous items moved.   Michael helped us get my bed set cabinets into storage and then Michael and Steve helped us get the bed and couch into the house and up the stairs.  (yikes I was seriously thinking the couch might not make it through the door)

Mark: If I have not mentioned it, I hate moving and it stresses me out beyond belief. And technically I am not even moving.

Kris: This week is going to be lots of car-fulls from my house to Mark's house.   And since the bed is gone, our temporary sleeping arrangements are a sleeping bag and two blankets on the living room floor.  We opted for the living room so we can watch the Tour de France right before turning out the lights. 

So the goal remains to have me and the kitties completely moved in next weekend.   And our new bigger goal..."Out by France"  (Short story on that one, we want to have enough money saved up that we can be in a new house and plan on going to France in July 2013 which will be the 100th running of the Tour :)

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