Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Really Big Change

Kris: So it's been awhile since we've been doing a whole lot of adventurous type things.  And there is a very good reason for that.  Well...two reasons.  1) No Money   2) I'm moving Mark: Sigh to #1 Yea to #2

Yes folks, the short story is that we came to the realization that with a little remodeling at Mark's house, myself and the cats can move into the upstairs and get out of my townhouse.  Cats will NOT come into contact with dogs.  That was my #1 priority.

It's one of those things that is going to save us a ton of money so we can start crawling out of debt, pay for the wedding and start saving for the house we really want. But I have to admit it was a very sad decision for me.  Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to getting us all into one house and having more time at home and with the cats and with the dogs but I love my townhouse.   I guess it will still be my townhouse because we also found out a few days ago that I can't afford to sell it so we are going to us a rental agency to rent it out for now.  I don't feel like I got much of a chance to "live" in it and I've grown very fond of Eden Prairie.  It's such a wonderful city with all the conveniences a person needs.  (Especially now that they finally got a Brueggers :)   Plus my place doesn't need any fixing up or remodeling where we are going to have to do a number of projects at Mark's while we're there to get it ready to sell sometime in the future as well.   My "previous life" included a lot of remodeling projects and I guess I sort of would like to be done with that for awhile. 

But I know this is the right decision for us and to get us going in the right direction so that some day we can go find the house we want.  So we're hoping to get me all moved in by August and have it rented out beginning asap.

Wedding plans have been halted for a few days, our training has taken a back seat as well but I just try to keep thinking that everything will get better in terms of our scheduling as soon as this move is complete and I become an official resident of Robbinsdale, MN.

Mark: I will confirm that this was a very tough decision to make and the ironic part was that we each came to the conclusion separately and it was during a stressful talk about wedding expenses that we realized we were both thinking the same thing. But now that we had made the decision it is full speed ahead and trying to move what we can, put stuff we won't need or don't have the space for in our new storage space while we wait for the contractor to make a few remodeling modifications to the house (new door and extending a half wall to a full wall, a new linen closet and putting a window in a the pass thru from the bedroom to the stairway). And a day yet to be determined in the next couple weekend, renting a truck to move all the big stuff around. I will post before and after pics of the remodeling and as we move Kris in.

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  1. My husband (Bob) and I are at least a million years older than you but we still like to hike and oh yes, geocache. (Itchyfeet2wander) We married 2 years ago and had to merge 2 households....very hard, very stressful. Good luck and we'll say a prayer or two for you...... It will work out, we still love each other very much!!


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