Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#Geocache365: Our new Project - Week 1

Mark - So last week one of KB's challenge caches came to my attention because someone created a new event to celebrate there completion of that challenge. The challenge cache is GC1AG09 - A Cache a Day... for 365 days? where you have to find at least one cache per day for the next year. And having just updated my Geocaching stats I thought this might be fun to try, my previous longest streak with a find every day was 19 days. I suggested it to Kris and she was all over the idea. So we accepted the challenge and counting the cache we found on the previous evening (Monday) we were on our way.

But rather then just finding a cache everyday we started to think about it and way to make it more challenging and interesting. We just happened to take a picture at the cache we found last night so we thought why not take a picture at every cache that we will be using for our cache a day. We determined that the picture might not necessarily be of the cache nor will is be of us at the cache, but it could be a picture of anything that we found interesting or unusual that we found while we were looking for the cache. Basically a picture that contains our experience with that cache.

Sounds fun right? But we even decided to take it one step further and to Tweet about each cache each day and include that picture in our Tweet. Just a short message about the cache or our experience. We also wanted our Tweets to be found if you did a key word search so we used the hashtag concept # and came up with our own hashtag for this protect. #Geocache365. If you go out on Twitter and search for that hashtag you will find our Tweets.

We are also planning on doing a weekly recap of our finds for that week and include the pictures that we took. So this blog is the first installment.

#Geocache365: Week 1 - August 9th - 15th

Monday: Day 1 - Along here somewhere

Tuesday: Day 2 - cache with a discount

Wednesday: Day 3 - Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick

Thursday: Day 4 - FTF? Nope. STF? Yes and a surprise! #pathtag

Friday: Day 5 - No it is not on Private Property

Saturday: Day 6 - The name says it all?

Sunday: Day 7 - At the end of our 7 mile long run. Nicely Done! Kris: This one is going on my favorites list :)

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