Thursday, August 12, 2010

Results are in

Kris: RESULTS ARE IN AND COUPLE #20 TOOK THE WIN :( Mark: Booo Hissss Kris: Really bummed out about this one because technically they won't even use anything they just won FOR their wedding. Their wedding is next weekend. She already has her dress and I'm sure they have a photographer lined up. I don't have my dress nor are we thinking we'll have a photographer at the reception. Sigh....thanks again SO much to everyone who helped us and keep up to date on our plans by watching this website! Mark: Yes Thank you sooooo much to everyone who was so patient with our mass communcations during the past 2 weeks. Thank you so much for voting.

Kris: We didn't get to do our video interviews tonight as the heat index was over 100 and then storms rolled in so we'll have to try and reschedule for next week. Mark: Yeah I deided to give them a call this afternoon and question the logic of trying to do video interviews when at the time the heat index was about 102 degrees.

We are starting to put in more miles each week to kick start our marathon training.  We officially are in training starting this next week.  I find that I like to get our runs over and done with in the morning before work but I've been feeling much stronger in the evenings.  We took Sugar out for a run with us last week and I think it may have been a little much for her as she was a little sluggish the next day. Mark: In Sugar's defense we did take her out for a 4 mile run and she almost never runs, probably should work her up with some smaller runs first. Same goes for Rugar, our other potential running dog.

Other wedding details:
1) Mark's wedding marathon shoes are in so we need to go pick those up.  Pictures will be posted soon :)
2) I ordered our visors that we will be having embroidered and a veil attached to mine
3) Save the Date cards should be going out this weekend!
4) Meeting with a friend of mine that I went to school with tomorrow.  She does some floral work on the side and is going to quote us on flowers for the reception.
5) Our wedding pathtags will be submitted for proofing tomorrow.

We started a new adventure on this front!   On 08/09/10 we started the "A Cache a Day...for 365 days?" challenge.  My thought is that I will post about this challenge once a week and cover the caches we picked up for that week.  Since i'm not very good at keeping the blog up to date by more than a week or two. Mark: We are taking a picture at each cache for the next 365 days. Pictures will not neccesarily be of the cache but might be of the area or something interesting about the area, the cache or something we found in the cache. If you are on twitter you can follow our progress by searching for #Geocache365 and then that tweet will also be the "Found It" Log. A typical Tweet/Log will look like this "#Geocache365: Day X - Something interesting http:\PictureLink" Otherwise the weekly wrap up blogs will also include the pictures we took for the week.

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