Monday, November 8, 2010

#Geocache365: Week 10 - October 11th-17th

Monday: Day 64 - Rats! We found it. Spoiler Alert, but it was just too cute to pass up.

Mark: Out at lunch for a Sampling Survey, we arrived a bit early and figured we would gab our cache for the day.

Tuesday: Day 65 - What? Pass up on a chance to Geocache and grab a Cup of Joe? Never!

Mark: Had a fun morning with a few of our geocaching friends, unfortunatly the coffee house was a bit late in opening up this morning so we had to play hooky for a little while.

Wednesday: Day 66 - Reason #1 to make sure that you have a water proof bag for the log. A soggy log!

Mark: Now this was absolute MUSH! Please when you hide a cache make sure it is water proof and or that you have a ziplock to keep the log dry.

Thursday: Day 67 - Oooohhhh, Aaaahhhhh, Sparkly!

Mark: I have been looking for a GeoGem for a long time, we were down in Apple Valley  to pick up my Wedding Running Shoes and Kris noticed that a nearby cache might have the gem in it. So without telling me why we were off to find our cache of the day and a prize.

Friday: Day 68 - Caching by the cars high beams.

Mark: Down in Bloomington to visit Kri's sister new townhouse we of course had to find a nearby cache.

Saturday: Day 69 - A Game of Hangman, Geocaching Style.
Mark: MnGCA Fall event and plenty of activities to do and this was one of my favorites. We quickly narrowed down the search area and I was litterly on top of the cache but due to it's unique container I missed it the first time.
Sunday: Day 70 - Crap! That was very quick and easy this time, I have no idea how we DNF'd it.

Mark: Like I said, I have no idea how I missed this one the first time. If you know what to llok for this one is obvious and it was the seconf time, just laying out in the "open"

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