Monday, November 1, 2010

Quick Wedding Updates

I just realized that we've been so geocaching obsessed on this blog that I posted wedding updates to my personal blog but not here.   Sorry, here goes....

Not much real planning to do any more without the reception so we're basically just down to making sure we have all of our outfits in line. Mark picked up his wedding shoes a couple weeks ago so we are going to use them for short, clean runs to get them broken in between now and the wedding. I picked up my tulle and some other shiny, sheer fabric. I've got some fun ideas for my veil but now just have to figure out how in the heck to actually put it together.

We have completed our first 20 mile training run (which I affectionately call our "wedding rehearsal") and we both have our nutrition down pretty well.  I have been having knee pains which have been annoying to rehab but it's tolerable so far.  Been trying to stay on soft trails for our long runs.  We managed to hold a 9:20-something average pace for the 20 miler so I was very happy with that.

We've also decided that we are just going to do a potluck type get together with our immediate families and a couple close friends at Mark's moms house in mid-January when the wedding video is finalized.   Not quite the grand unveiling and celebration I was hoping for but at least the important people to us will be together.
The Course Map and Elevation Chart are also available now if you are interested in seeing the RnR route. The second half is a LOT of twisting and turning but luckily the final 6 miles are nearly all at a nice downhill grade.

You can also sign up for runner tracking HERE if you are interested in keeping an eye on how we are doing on the marathon. We will be running all of the marathon together so you will only need to really get updates on one of us :)
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  1. so i was thinking after i got back home ... did you guys do any geocaching in vegas?


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