Thursday, March 3, 2011

Surviving Winter Triathlon Training! (My Social Experiment)

Kris: So I'm sitting here at work and can't help but think about how lately I haven't been training nearly enough and feeling like a TOTAL slug.   I know I've been coming up with a number of excuses including lack of time and $$ but the things that seem to keep me from wanting to go out to the pool or spin or run (outdoors or at the club) are:
  • Snow
  • Cold Mornings
  • Icy Trails
  • Cold Afternoons
  • Shorter Days
  • Lack of Sunlight
  • Layers and Layers of Running Clothing
So as an active member or the social media community, I've decided I want to reach out and see if you would all be willing to help me put together a list of Your Best Ways to Stay Motivated!

So no matter what your outdoor sport, please post your best "kick in the butt" reason or saying or whatever so we can all have a place to come back to and read when we are feeling like sitting on the couch and not getting out to train.  If I get enough feedback, I'll compile them into a separate blog post for you all.    Please send this to all your athlete friends who are also trying to survive this winter and ask them to post! 

Thanks in advance, you are all awesome :)


  1. You guys are just sitting around all winter, so for the first few races in the spring even *I* will be able to kick your *&^$ !

  2. I took up skate skiing and it's fabulous cross training especially for biking. I was able to ride 60 miles in my 5th ride on a Florida vacation in February! No problem and ave 17.1 mph.

  3. You guys are rockstars! It's wonderful that you both share such a fun sense of adventure. And I love that you were married at the Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon...that was on my list of races to do last year but a scheduling conflict intervened.

    I got hooked on triathlons and my kick-in-the-butt incentive is a race that I have scheduled on the west coast in June. My friend lives there, he recently started talking some smack about our I'm going to make it a little more challenging for him to not get "chicked". My running coach set up a nice yet aggressive training plan, I'm adhering to it religiously. I just think of the taunts that my friend has been teasing me with, it's the incentive I need.

  4. Isnt the triathalon supposed to be your motivation?

  5. My "kick in the butt" philosphy is what Nike says: JUST DO IT. Yeah, I agree w/ yourlist of complaints, but it becomes a matter of what is REALLY important to you. So, JUST DO IT. You'll really feel glad you did when you finish doing it.

  6. I saw a great quote written on the side of van at a race this year...

    "There may be hills but at least they're long!"

    I've adopted that attitude for this stinking winter...

    It may be dark but at least it's cold.
    It may be cold but at least it's snowing a nice wet snow.
    It may be snowing wet snow but at least I'm soaked.
    I may be soaked but at least I have 2 hours to go!
    I may have two hours to go but at list it's dark. get the idea.

  7. ... not getting sick is motivating, for being sick kills everything. :(

    colorado works in general though; weather is not consistently crappy! those spring-like days in mid-january where i can get out on my bike? AWESOME.


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