Friday, April 9, 2010

MOGA Friday night

Kris: So we made it down to MOGA in Monroe City, MO. It was a long 8 hours of driving but before we leave Pizza Hut (yeah so much for the diet today it ws pretty much the only option for dinner) and head back to the campsite for bed, I wanted to post a few quick pics from the caches we grabbed on the way down:
The cache container is the lighthouse.

Here's the first MOGA cache. It's a mini Inn by the Monroe City Inn sign.

And my favorite trackable we found when we got to check in...

Her name is (er...was?) DeeDee

So now I have 299 caches logged and Mark is at 999 so tomorrow's attendance at MOGA will mark our 300 and 1000 finds. Excited for both the competitions tomorrow. Please pray I don't come out covered in ticks I hear they are bad down here.

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Location:Unnamed Rd,Monroe City,United States

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