Friday, April 9, 2010

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Kris:  So I am desperately looking to catch up real quick on where we are at so I can blog on the go this weekend while we are in MOGA.  We are leaving tomorrow morning (Friday) and heading back on Sunday.   It's going to be about an 8-hour drive.  We picked up 4 caches tonight (we brought Misty along and I think she enjoyed it.  She gets that I'm a big nerd and there is just enough nerd  in her as well to check out this geocaching thing.   We had fun and even picked up a travel bug, tusk.

Mark: Kris forgot to mention that at one of the caches tonight she had to climb up a tree about 50 feet to retrieve the cache. Reminded me alot of another cache a long time ago called Heavenly Garden.

So on the way to MOGA we are planning to get 4 random caches along the way and 4 "directional" caches when we get close.   The reason for the exact numbers is that Mark is going to log MOGA as his 1000 find and I'm going to log it as my 300 find :)

Oh yeah, and a few weeks ago we bought mountain bikes.   Mark already has been a mountain biker but this is going to be a new adventure for me.  We are planning to do some single track riding and train for an off-road triathlon this summer.  I have no idea what I'm doing and very glad I now have insurance :)

And we were floored to walk out the front door on April 2nd and find the flowers were blooming!   Fragrant and beautiful and I think the earliest I've ever seen flower color in MN.

We've gotten into this orienteering stuff and are getting better at working as a team to decide how to best run the courses.   Last weekend we tried out the intermediate orange course and I think we did pretty well except for the first control point.  We totally missed that one but then got on track for the rest of them.  Other than getting really scratched up running through prickly bushes and praying for no tickets, it's a lot of fun ;)

Mark: We didn't do too bad on the Orange course, we even came in 4th and 5th place with Kris posting the fastest split time on the third control point.

And of course we had to grab a few caches around the park before heading home for Easter dinner.    Here's Mark in a tree ;)

After 2 attempts to hide a cache in Eden Prairie and getting denied twice I decided to wander down the trail a little farther and crossed the line into Chanhassen.   We found this GREAT path by accident that looks like possibly an old rail line.  It was a beautiful walk, might get a little more difficult when it grows in in the summer but I really love the location we found for the cache.  I rated the terrain as a 2 but if you take the wrong way in, it's more like a 3-4

And we found this great sign on the way out.   Funny considering how many wild animals probably walk through this area and leave their poop behind :-P

Mark: I see that Kris did not post my picture with that sign ;) Probably a good idea, since little kids might read this post.

Mark also placed his ever cool Stargate cache.   Check out the listing to learn more about what exactly this is all about.  It's pretty cool and is going to help me send a Belgian geocoin back home after 3 years of traveling around the world.

We also have released our first trackable items.  The hopes is that they can make it to Scotland.  Read up on them so learn about their goal :)  Atomic Popsicle and Dazzle Duck

No real updates on wedding plans.   We have exhausted the wedding fairs and expos that have gone on this spring and we have decided we are going to put our deposit down on the Garden Room for our reception.   I'm still very UNdecided and a little stressed about how we are going to recognize our wedding party since we aren't doing the full formal "thing" for our reception.   Ideas accepted, please :)

And I'll leave you with a fun set of "Geocaching Pick Up Lines" I found that gave me a good laugh:

1) Do you cache here often?
2) Ever done a ‘night cache’?
3) Nice camo!
4) Let’s calibrate our GPSrs.
5) Your coordinates or mine?
6) He’s got great stats
7) Would you like to see my trackable collection?
8) What’s your caching name, and how did you choose it?
9) Are you a hider, or a finder?
10) Wanna go on a FTF run with me?
11) TFTD (Thanks For The Date)

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  1. Maybe you can just do flowers (corsages, boutonnieres) for your attendants? I dunno...


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