Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quick update from the road

Kris: Been spending days if not weeks feeling guilty on how far behind our blog is. But I'm not going to fill in the gap right now, just merely fill you in on today.

Weather has been beautiful although today is a little cooler in the 50s right now but the sun is shining and should get to the mid 60s

Headed to REI right now to pick up another compass Mark ordered and see if we can use our 20% coupons on anything. Then it's down to Burnsville for a regular Orienteering event. Without the snow these are much more fun :). And we've been getting the hang of map/terrain reading. Plus we figure this is great practice for MOGA ( geocaching mega event) that we are headed to next weekend in Missouri

Probably not enough time to geocache today since we have to do the event, run 6 miles and then get cleaned up for dinner with Mark's family tonight

Here's my attempt at taking a photo one handed. I look all serious but hey, it's a pic from today :-P

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