Sunday, February 13, 2011

Laid up sick.

Kris: Yes folks I'm still alive.....barely....ok maybe I'm being dramatic but I have now been feeling some degree of miserable for 8 DAYS!  I haven't been sick this long since I had pneumonia in 6th grade.

It all started last Saturday right after a run around Calhoun, I started getting achy and tired.   Then we were scheduled to volunteer for the Loppet from 12-3:30.  Luckily I got to sit down for most of that shift but when we were done I was drained.   We ended up not being able to ski the luminary which we paid for weeks ago and rented skis for.  I was so disappointed.   Pretty much all day Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday I was laid up, exhausted, achy, bleh!!!   My voice left sometime I think on Monday and it hasn't made it's way fully back yet.  Laringitis maybe? Who knows.   All I know is it's DAY 8 and I'm still feeling sick and coughing like crazy. 

I guess this post is me just bitching about how awful I've been feeling.   I'm depressed.   I am not fully accepting of my new training schedule.  I'm supposedly "in training" for Grandma's but rehab is only allowing me to run 2x per week and currently my runs are only 3.63 miles long.   So after only one week of that, I get laid up sick and can't run or cross-train at all.  Sludged out a run today and I can't stand that I'm sitting here feeling that stupid little twinge of pain behind my knee.  Will this rehab work?   I try so hard not to be mad but I just hate watching other people run without pain right now. 

Our new routine...every evening I need to do my exercises and stretch and roll and Mark....paints his toe nails.  He was chosen as a candidate for a drug trial for treating nail fungus so now every night for a year he needs to paint a clear coat on his toe nails.  I keep threatening to throw glitter fleck into the bottle :-P

Mark has been a saint and so wonderful in taking care of me.   I've been sick, sad, mad, emotional, you name it this week and he's done everything to make me feel better.   I just am glad I didn't get him sick too.  Well...he's got a bit of the sniffles that he's still battling but luckily that's it.

Tomorrow I need to go back to work.  Last week I worked from home as much as my body would let me.   At this rate I don't think my voice will be fully back tomorrow either but I'll do what I can.
Random cute cat photo.  My Maverick resting with me

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  1. apparently i never commented on this, but YES put glitter in the jar. ;) and also cuuuute kitty!


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