Monday, February 21, 2011

Snowmageddon - Round 2

Kris: Yesterday Mother Nature decided we needed another foot or so of snow.  The sad part is that it was supposed to be done by Noon today but I think we're getting more fluffy stuff today than we did yesterday.  Argh!   Luckily, Saturday we got a bunch of required errands done.  Then on Sunday, got our daily cache early in the morning and spent the day working on house projects.   Mark worked on the main floor bathroom.  It hasn't been functional in years due to bad flooring that needed to be replaced.  So he got the new duct work in and the new subfloor :D Mark: I plan of writing a full blog with pictures from the very beginning to the end of the project after the bathroom is finished. Kris: I worked on a bunch of cleaning and focused on getting all the wallpaper off the walls in the kitchen.

Wallpaper was developed by devils....they thought it would be funny for the next guy to try and REMOVE from the walls.

I also enjoyed that I got to cook this evening.   I made the Thai Chili recipe from our new favorite magazine, Clean Eating Mark: For any guy reading this, please note if your signifigant other likes/loves to cook, Clean Eating is the greatest magazine that you can get a subscription too. Not only does Kris get excited about reading through all of the recipes and planning on what she is going to make next but we get to eat much healthier food which tastes really good. I have tried more different types of foods for the first time since we got Clean Eating. Celeriac, Squash, Turnips, Collard Greens and Rapini. A win-win for all involved.

And here's a picture that was finally posted from BonTon Designs of when we went to a mosaic art class back on the 12th:

This afternoon we ended up making a couple short videos so I'll use those to finish this post :)

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  1. :)

    and hey, kris, it sounds like you're better at least! i think i may have gotten another small round of something and poor brandon got the flu. :( i don't even want to see february training numbers because they are PATHETIC.

    as for boulder ... any 70.3 training tips that you vets know of would be awesome. :)


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