Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Married for 2 months now!

This past weekend marked our 2 month anniversary (Feb 5th) AND our 2 year anniversary (Feb. 7th) and guess what we got each other? A cold/flu! On Saturday we volunteered for the City of Lakes Loppet and while we were volunteering Kris seemed to be getting weaker and weaker. And by 4pm she was gone, we even bypassed the Luminary Loppet that we signed up for and returned our skis early and she was in no condition to ski or be out in the cold for several hours. For the next couple of days Kris was basically bed ridden with no energy, sleeping when she could, so far I have been mostly lucky, I have avoided the severity that Kris has but I can tell that I have the cold/flu and it is making life a lot more difficult. Hopefully in a few days Kris will be better and I won't get any worse.

So as of this writing it is about 1 degree outside and I have had it with winter and cold and snow. So much so that I am really having a hard time motivating myself to even get things done around the house. My newest phrase is "I'll do it tomorrow" which is frustrating Kris, and I don't blame her, it is frustrating me but being stuck in the winter blahs sucks (The cold is not helping either). I am trying honey honestly.

We both are starting up our run training, Grandma's in now 19 weeks away. Last week (Week 20) I ran 21 miles and I was very happy with that and I want to be at a solid 30 miles per week before week 16. I am still desperately trying to get used to my Newtons, running around in the dome makes my left toes go numb, but as I discovered last night, basically the same this happens in my Mizuno Precision's so I will blame the solid concrete running surface and constant turning in one direction. On the plus side, last week was a bit warmer and I was able to get outside and run 4 days which felt amazing. I wore my Newtons and did not see to have the same problems as I am having in the dome. Hopefully getting outside more will help me adjust to the Newtons.

After an email request, Marathon Photos combined our official pictures from the Rock & Roll Marathon into one account and I purchased the lot including our finish line video. The raw video is basically the same time frame but from two different camera angels. For the first time I edited one of our videos and that was a blast. I shorted the beginning and ending and then sliced out some of the middle to have a fluid finish from one camera to the other. Here is my finished work. I think I could be nominated for a technical Oscar for editing. I hope you enjoy!

OK, That should gets us close to being caught up on the Blog front(for the moment). We do have a few new #Geocache365 vblogs that we hope to post in the next few days. So stay tuned!


  1. aww, you guys. :-( Get better soon, ok? We're so happy we were there for your getting married! Bounce back strong Kris, you hear me?

  2. i echo the fiance. get better both of you!

    and i too am also sick of cold and snow and i know we haven't had it nearly as bad as y'all!


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