Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back to IT

So after Mark was let go from PowerObjects last May, we've been working on finding a way for him to continue in a sales position.  We took a bit of a leap of faith and he accepted a position with ADT Security selling to small businesses.

Needless to say ADT was not the solution. Oh they talk a good game and say you can make this and that but in all honestly it is bull and they are constantly hiring because in the end it is not sustainable. Case in point, I was hired the 4th in a group of 4, I was the most successful but in the end all of them quit before I did. Others were hired after me or were supposed to start but decided better. And of those that were working before me at ADT, 3 quit while I was working there. It was a tough summer.

Money has been more than tight and we just can't seem to get ahead.  The ultimate goal is to get out of this house, fix it up enough to rent it out and buy something much newer if not brand new and livable.  This house works but it's not livable.  What I mean is that we can't have people over, or use most of the space due to the dogs not having room of their own so I feel like we are missing a huge social element in our lives.  I'm even embarrassed when the pizza guy walks up to the door and can see in.  Problem is that all of that takes a lot of money that we just don't have yet so we are working on a savings plan (and continuing to buy lottery tickets) in the hopes that soon, very soon we can afford to make some changes.

Once I realized that Sales was not a consistent income solution for us, at least it did not match our goals, I decided to bite the bullet and go back to my roots and a place where I know I can make decent money. IT

It didn't take long once I posted my IT resume, I received countless calls from recruiters and on two separate occasions, recruiters asked where I had been, finding my resume suddenly in the resume pool was a shocked as my skill set sets it apart from what had been previously been out there.

At one point I had three job offers and in the end I decided to accept a position with CompuCom, the vary same company that I started my IT career with back in 1997. A little ironic to come back to IT at the same company that I got my start with. Currently I am on a patch management project for US Bank and with a little luck that will role into a long term assignment. But for now we are back on financial track for the next 4 months.

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