Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting our running feet back on the road - TC Marathon weekend

So I have two races to catch up on.   Feels good to be running at least a little and I think we've both come to terms with the fact that we can't be 100% "on" and training super hard right now and just need to get back running, don't care about pace and just enjoy being out there on the road or trail or whatever. 

TC Marathon weekend we were working the expo again.  We setup the ALARC booth, Mark managed our UpTempo booth and our fancy new Plinko board.

I worked with Jamie over at the Skirt Sports booth.  It was fun, I'm not the world's greatest sales person and spent a lot of my time at the prize wheel but we made a lot of sales and I got two new outfits out of the deal.  (Score!!) 

We managed to run a fairly successful TC 10 Mile.  A lot of that probably has to do with the super cool weather that morning.  Neither of us were in it to race by any means but just go out and enjoy it.  I maybe slacked a little more than needed in the first few miles but I was unsure how the IT band was going to hold up.  I felt really good in the middle miles but then the IT band started to lock up in the last two miles so it was a pain maintenance type finish.

The coolest part was the VIP passes.  Someone inside TCIM must have given them to us in our Expo packet.  What they gave us was access to the VIP area at the finish line.   Nice bathroom trailer, snacks, lunch and a really nice travel bag.   Plus front row seats to watch the marathon winners cross the line

We walked back to meet up with Brandon and T who were in town for about 12 hours to watch a friend run the full marathon and we caught Michael as he was nearing the finish line, smiling and sporting his Target team singlet.

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