Thursday, October 17, 2013


So I don't know if I've really been too busy to write or just avoiding it.  1) because i'm on the computer all the time and don't like being on it more or 2) because the reason for this post just sucks.

As I've said time and time again, I'm sentimental and I want to have something to go back to and remember all of our memories so I'm going to get this one typed out and try to keep it somewhat brief.   Mostly because I want to forget the heartbreaking details of the moments I had to say goodbye and the heartbroken days after that were as excruciatingly painful as I always expected they would be.  

Maverick and Neo have been my boys for 13 1/2 years and on September 22nd, 2013 I had to say
goodbye to Maverick.  He had been having troubles with inflamed intestinal disease and the doc was worried he may also have been developing pancreatitis.   In the end it was a blood clot on top of it all that made us know it was time.  Our vet was great and explained everything and helped us understand that we did the right thing and his chances of recovery, even if we went to the U of M and worked with specialists were less than 10% and he would be in pain.

The part that still puts a deep pain in my heart is the memory of the moments in the end.  I am glad we were there and got to say goodbye and hold him and tell him I loved him but it comes with the price of the memory of when it happened and how much it hurt.   I know in time I'll be able to put that all aside and remember only all the amazing love and joy he brought to my life but so far a month later it still stings.

How we used to crawl up my leg when he was just a kitten and spent some time sleeping in a Mt Dew 12 pack.  When I would pick him up he'd rest his chin on my shoulder and occasionally decide to crawl up on my back.  And all the cute kisses he would give me by rubbing up against my nose.

How he loved to tear apart rolls of toilet paper and paper towels.  

How he insisted all TV time included him in my lap and back in my townhouse when I was working from home, I'd get home from Masters Swim in the morning and have time for us to nap together on the couch before starting work.  In his later years he did the "in your face" cat thing to wake me up much earlier than the alarm to ask for attention and breakfast.  And that crazy chewing thing he did with his mouth that after much discussion with the vet was assumed to be just a habit.  

And how he would drink out of my glass of water by shoving his head in it. 

If you are not a pet are rolling your eyes right now.  If you are a pet person, you get it.  Neo has been doing great.  We've seen a shift in her personality but for the better.  He doesn't seem sad or depressed but he's been much more vocal and cuddly and enjoys being in my lap.   While he can't take Maverick's place, he's doing a pretty damn good job of consoling with his cuteness.


(sorry the pictures are all over the page but Blogger still hasn't figured out how to make inserting pictures and arranging them easy even for someone like me that is fairly good with basic html......)

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