Friday, September 3, 2010

#Geocache365: Week 3 - August 23rd-29th

Mark: Week 3 found us not only finding our daily cache but also working on a 13 stage multicache in Golden Valley. I decided that we should try to find the information that we need at one stage every day along with the #Geocache365 cache, so I made a point of finding the closest cache to each of the 12 stages need to solve the final location and this week 4 of the caches were dual purpose.  Kris:  I've always like multicaches so being able to do this one WITH our #Geocache365 has been fun.

Monday: Day 15 - Tennis Anyone?

Kris: Fairly simple micro in a local park. Muggles were a factor in this area today as they are with most parks on a summer day.  Mark: When we walked up to ground zero there were some local muggles playing hoops on the court next to  the tennis courts so we had to keep an eye on them as we searched. We were the only others in the entire park so we looked a bit out of place as we parked and walked up but after watching the players for a little while we decided the did not even know we were there, which is always a good thing when dealing with muggles. Kris can just been seen in the picture on the left side.

Tuesday: Day 16 - Close to the cache, 14ft w/25ft of accuracy.

Kris: Pretty easy find, typical pine tree hide. Mark: This is one of those times when I don't agree with the hide as it is obviously adding an opinion/view point/belief into geocaching. Geocaching should be universal and should not highlight one religion or another. So instead of a picture of the surroundings I chose to focus on the distance/accuracy of our GPS, everyone is different and it takes a bit to learn your particular GPS. In the picture we were actually about 7 feet from the cache.

 Wednesday: Day 17 - Creek/Crick... Looks like water to me.

Kris: This one was a quick find along the sidewalk. I love how I can be staring at my GPS, walking along the road and most people look at me and just think I'm staring at my smartphone :)  Mark: Sometimes the cache hider adds a bit of local color into the name of the cache. In this case the creek in the picture has different spelling depending on who you ask. In this case is it "Bassett Creek", "Basset Creek" or 'Bassett's Creek"? What ever the correct name is you have learned something new about the area you are geocaching in.

Thursday: Day 18 - look out for prickly/sticky things!

Kris: This was a 2-stage near the running track we were on our way to. Road provided muggle traffic to be aware of and Mark's bright blue shirt didn't do much for camo :)  I didn't venture all the way in for the final location due to the bushes that you had to go through.  Mark: OK, I hate these things. The little stickers, seeds and other prickly things that attach themselves to your clothes and shoes when you are walking in an overgrown area. I am actually about 10 feet from the road but even here I had to be real careful grabbing the cache so I did not get to much on my clothing. That stuff really likes to stick to the technical race shirts that I like to wear.

 Friday: Day 19 - As soon as we quit playing around we found the cache.

Kris: Hidden by good caching friends of ours, Trista74. Playground not too far from home. No one in the park today so we had plenty of time to search.  Mark: Playgrounds! These are a real headache and are high on my list of cache types that is dislike. A well hidden/creative container can frustrate you for hours on playground equipment, there are so many repetitive, similar hiding holes and like today, I thought I check all of them but as it turns out, the one that i didn't check is where Kris found the cache.

 Saturday: Day 20 - A nice surprise this morning, an unactivated geocoin!

Kris: We had a busy day planned which was originally going to start by going to a nearby Breakfast Buddies event but we noticed a local cache with a log entry about a coin.  Mark and I are fond of shiny objects so we re-routed our morning a bit to try to make the find in a city park area, just off a walking path.  Mark: So if caches containing Travel Bugs get your attention, and Geocoins are actively sought after by coin hounds then finding an unactivated Geocoin must be the best prize your can find in a cache. Having a bit of inside information that the coin was there didn't hurt, certainly got us to adjust our plans very quickly so that we could go find this cache.

Sunday Day: Day 21 - Sometimes you have to find whatever is available on the way to a BBQ.

Kris: We knew we had little time to think about what cache to grab today so we just did a search nearby for ANY cache that was in the area of a friend's BBQ that afternoon. Nothing super special, just a city park micro hide.  Mark: At the end of our third week, we have come to the conclusion that not every cache we find for #Geocach365 is going to be neat , or cool or even interesting. Sometimes, you just run out of time in a very busy day and have to find a cache as your going from one set of plans to another which  brought us to this cache. It was very convenient, on our way to our friends BBQ and only took a few minutes.

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