Thursday, September 16, 2010

#Geocache365: Week 5 - September 6th-12th

Mark: This week saw two milestone caches, one for each of us, a few last minute cache finds in the dark and  and a day trip to Manakto for a very fun event.

Monday: Day 29 - Kris' 500th Cache!!

Kris: We were losing daylight since we decided to wait until after my niece's birthday party.  The GPS had us wandering in the woods.  It was pointing deep into the brush between two paved paths in a park.  Mark: Milestones, weather it is you 100th, 1000th or even 5000th cache you always try to make it something unique. We knew that another milestone cache was coming up for Kris and we thought about trying to make Geocoinfest her 500th find but after counting the the number of days until the event and the fact that we still have to find at least one cache day we realized that was not going to work out. So after spending the after noon celebrating Lilly's birthday we found a nearby cache that looked like it might have a coin in it and hopefully that would do for a milestone cache. Unfortunately no coin, we will make sure Kris's next major milestone is something cool.

Tuesday: Day  30 - Sometimes you have to find and sign them in the dark.

Kris: Days are getting shorter and we seem to be night caching more than I would like.  Definitely adds an element of difficulty!  Luckily this one pointed us to what I'd call an obvious beacon on a fence by the running/biking trail.  Mark: So this evening we were interview by our videoographers for our wedding video and it was at the Caribou Coffee where Kris and I met and it was a fun evening causing quite the disruption at Caribou. Unfortunately by the time we were done it was dark, oh and by the way, when did it start getting dark so early again? Anyways, we quickly checked our iPhones looking for a quick cache that might not be to difficult to find in the dark. We lucked out, there was one not to far away and it was common fence post cap style of cache that we managed to find after about 30 seconds at GZ. This cache does make me wonder what it is going to be like this winter when it is dark when you go to work and dark when you come home.

Wednesday: Day 31 - This is how this evening went; Flash, Dash & Cache.

Kris: Again...a cache after dark!  But considering the GPS was pointing us right to a spot with three pine trees, we knew what to look for.  Loved the container on this one!  Didn't love feeling like a deer in the headlights while signing the log :-P Mark: "Flash", so we were notified that a local running store was asking for members of our running club to participate in a photo shoot in the store, pretending to be customers. It turned out to be kinda of fun, but our real hope was that we would win the $100 gift card that were giving out as incentive and as a way to say Thank you for helping. "Dash" was our 4 mile run with some of our ALARC club membesr right after the photo shoot. And then "Cache" was finding our 365 cache for the day, again in the dark. Another standard cache type but it was very easy, practclly a park and Grab, the picture was taken from the drives seat of the car. Headlight really make finding a cache in the dark much easier.

Thursday: Day 32 - The things you find while Geocaching and this cache is a Letterbox.

Kris:  This one was a letterbox, placed where a traditional cache was recently archived.  Learned something new about archiving caches.  I guess if you archive a cache, you can reserve the location to potentially place another one so someone else doesn't "steal" your spot.  Mark: This was fun. We actually missed the publication and a possible FTF of a brand new letterbox less then a mile fromour house because we did not have our notifications set for the Letterbox types of cache, that was quickly remedied. We did decide that it would make a good 365 since we are trying to include all types of caches. This is actually the third cache that has been on this old abandoned car. Over time a cache my go missing or for some other reason the cache owner may decide to archive instead of replacing and then a new cache can be placed in the same location. According to another one of our caching friends, there have been 4 caches total at this car.

Friday: Day 33 - Special equipment needed? Nope! Then definitely not a Terrain 5.

Kris: I was intrigued by this one since it was marked a terrain of 5 but looking at the satellite map, it was just a ditch area with some trees.   Terrain 5 is supposed to mean "special equipment needed".  when we got there, I realized what they must have meant by the high rating.  Mark: We saw this one pop up on our notification of newly published caches and it got our attention because it was listed as a Terrain 5, which by Geocacing definitions, requires special equipment to retrieve the cache. After looking at the map and satellite image we were stumped as to why it rated a Terrain 5, so we decided to go investigate. When we got to GZ, we ran into TJ of TJ&JJ, he had been looking for a few minutes and quickly pointed why this was named Futon. After a minute or so of looking around a tree at GZ Kris spotted the cache and quickly climbed the tree. Defiantly not a Terrain 5, more like a 3.5.

Saturday: Day 34 - I found my 1200th cache today during the OTAK 2010 event. Thanks Mankato!

Kris:  We LOVE cache run events.   A great opportunity to go caching in a new area and meet new people :)  Mark: We spent the day in Mankato as part of the OTAK 2010 event and had a great time. For a first time event they did really well. Kris and I found all of the available 29 event caches both the temps and permanents. This cache turned out to be our 4th permanent find (12th total) of the day and at the end of the day we figured out it was also my 1200th find.

Sunday: Day 35 - Hard to tell in this picture but there are tons of muggles in the park on a beautiful day.

Kris: Playgrounds and city parks always pose a problem in the months of nice weather as there tend to be many muggles about.  Luckily this one lead us to the far corner of the park and away from the action.  Mark: Not every day can be a caching adventure like our trip to Mankato, some days you have to stay home and get a few things done around the house. The #Geocache365 project still does give us an excuse to get out of the house and still find at least one cache on what turned out to be a beautiful day. This was actually our second attempt after running to Target to pick up a few things for the house, the first park had muggles right on top of where the cache was so we switched to plan B. It is really hard to tell in this picture but this park is crawling with muggles, either playing softball, having a group get together picnic. Fortunately for us, this corner of the park was relatively muggle free and we were able to grab the cache with out attracting any attention.

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