Thursday, September 23, 2010

#Geocache365: Week 6 - September 13th-19th

Mark: This past week was highlighted by Geocoinfest 2010 Mega Event on Sunday and the other events associated with during the weekend.  Kris: I won't lie, I spent the whole week looking forward to Geocoinfest! (Nerd stamp for me :-P)

Monday: Day 36 - Our Journey to find the cache
Mark: Another Monday evening driving out to Waconia, this time bringing Journey with us. We saw this cache along the river and drove a little bit out of the way but still got to the Chiropractor on time.  Kris:  Just into the trees on a muggle-filled trail.  One we like to run on actually.  Not a hard find, just had to dodge the mosquitos and help Journey down the slope.  Then it was a brisk walk back to the car and some quick driving to get to my appointment on time!

Tuesday: Day 37 - Tuesday Night Lights

Mark: Drove to Dred Scott field in Bloomington to watch Kris' niece's football game.  Kris:  We figured we would have to wait until the game ended in order to grab the cache.  The game was over (Lily played awesome!) and most of the parking lot cleared out so we wandered back to this little building and took a seat on the bench.  Made the find without looking too suspicious.  Gotta love the "shoe tying" trick ;)

Wednesday: Day 38 - Sometimes you have to find them in between the rain drops and still run into another cacher

Mark: As we were debating about what cache to find for the day a new cache was published not to far away while it was raining and getting dark. Kris:  We can't resist a good dash to try for a FTF.  Fortunately it wasn't raining too hard when we parked.  Unfortunately we were parked on the wrong side of the pond so we had to leap the creek and saw a bright yellow jacket wandering in the woods.  Sparkfry was already at GZ.  It was getting dark but luckily Mark made the find but blindly sticking his hands into crevaces in the trees (not really my thing in the dark).  We ended up STF with Sparkyfry as someone else already signed FTF.  Gotta be quick around here!

Thursday: Day 39 - Not your typical cache and certainly not Tupperware in a Log

Mark: We had an errand to run down in Bloomington during lunch time and along the way I found this unusual cache for us to find.  Kris:  Wow now this is one where you are kind of uncomfortable no matter how many times you check "yes it really does say placed with permission!"  This one almost bordered on a multi or puzzle cache since it actually took figuring out a bit of trivia and then going to two locations in the building to find.  After doing the trivia, you end up with a 5 digit number and when you go to the Suite that is listed, the "cache" is pretty obvious.  Very fun and clever.  Might be a bit weird though when the office at that suite is actually open for business!  But I'm sure they all know what's going on and get a good kick out of it :)

Friday: Day 40 - Potluck, S'Mores and a random TB Frog

Mark: The GCF S'Mores event was in Crosby Park and we took the opportunity to get in our run before attending. The event was not our planned 365 cache for the day but due to really poor quality pictures taken in the dark at a cache we resorted back to a picture we took earlier in the evening at the event.  Kris:  Days are getting much too short on us in terms of daylight!   This ended up being a huge event with over 250 people in attendance and some super cool travel items to discover.   This big dude was my favorite and cool enough to be today's 365 picture.

Saturday: Day 41 - Trolley? What Trolley? Oh, I get it now. It helps if I actually read the entire description

Mark: Part of the GCF Minneapolis cache run, this cache was in a fairly remote part of Edina, we never new this was back here.   Kris:  I can't even begin to tell you how much I wish I had my running shoes on.  What a fantastic trail that we never would have discovered had it not been for geocaching!!  And this tree at GZ was beyond huge.  Wonder how old it actually is?

Sunday: Day 42 - MEGA Event!! Geocoinfest 2010 - Volunteering, Geocoin Poker, Pathtags and Geocoins! So Much Fun!!

Mark: The Mega Event was at the Holiday Inn near the airport and there was so much to do through out the day. What a great event!  Kris: Today was go, go, go!  We had to start the day with a 12 mile run and then off to the Geocoinfest event for all day fun!  First we volunteered at the Silent Auction table which was a blast since we got to chat with so many cachers as they browsed the table.   We scanned the vendors that were there and spent the afternoon chatting and pathtag trading.   We ended the day by playing in the Geocoin Texas Hold'em tournament.  I had no idea what I was doing but we both hung in there about half way through.  We stuck around to see the winner and made our way home, exhausted from a long, exciting weekend :)


  1. Yeah I did that Bloomington office one when they were open. Let's just say I felt really dumb when I couldn't get it open, and people were coming and going... it was a little more than awkward. They were very nice about it though, and I'm sure had a laugh at my expense after I left!


  2. I have seen that Signal Frog Travel Bug before...he was at a WGA(Wisconsin)event I was at. Pretty cool stuff!!


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