Friday, January 28, 2011

Driving to Milwaukee - blog via Bloggie

Kris: I'm cheating and doing today's blog via video while we're driving to Milwaukee.   An update on work and our updated training plans.


  1. friday's beautiful weather made me realize why skippy's so great - when i can go for a ride without him, it's AWESOME. plus i think friday's ride was better speed-wise than probably 90% of all my rides last year. blog post about that day coming probably tonight ... after skippy time (since it's back to 10 degrees and snowy. boo.).

    other thoughts:
    - woo vlogs!
    - love mark's wave.
    - that was a really long stoplight.
    - i think all of us overuse some phrase or word in our speech (i got to overusing "like" for a while ... luckily i think i've mostly cut it out).

  2. You are such a perfect couple. Completing each other life is the most wonderful feeling to have on earth.


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