Thursday, January 6, 2011

My two new best friends - Yoga Mat and Roller Stick

Kris: ......whether I like it or not!

So I've been continuing with my PT at least once a week ($80+ per visit....sigh...) and making some slow progress on the healing of my leg issues.  After today she believes I'm deformed, to put it lightly.   Without trying to go into medical speak, basically my hip joint isn't perfectly aligned and when my muscles are tight and knotted up, it causes issues.   It's not rare but it's not really common either.   In some cases it requires surgery to fix but she doesn't think I'm anywhere near that conclusion.

I have only done a few VERY short runs and am excited to pick up my Newton shoes tomorrow and give them a whirl.   I hope I'm not getting too excited that I'm going to put them on and all the pain will be magically gone.   A number of people have noted that after starting to run in Newtons they no longer had IT band issues.   Cross your fingers please :)

We have both been struggling to get back into a workout routine.   In the past couple weeks, we've been swimming a few times, been to a fitness class once and done a few 3 or less mile runs.    Having a hard time getting motivated to want to workout but at the same time I have this nagging voice in the back of my head all day saying "slacker.... go workout, you know you'll feel better, you're getting weaker, don't you want to be stronger? faster??"   I don't think the weather is helping at all unfortunately, for those of you that have followed me on my old blog you know I'm not a fan of treadmills and also hate the cold, slippery trails.

But I've had a few very panicky moments during those short runs.   I am feeling so much more exhausted after just a mile...WTF?....and I want to sign up for a 50k at the end of April and then focus on speed training for a Boston Qualifier???  Good freakin' luck right??  I was excited about it before my running world came tumbling down....

Work has been crazy this week on a number of fronts but all good I guess.  Just sucks when I feel like I can't get caught up to a place where I don't feel behind.   Still going to have to wear two hats for awhile but hopefully come summer that won't be the case anymore.

And I think we just got talked into becoming co-race directors for a 5k/10k race.  Stay tuned

And we are still doing well on our #Geocache365 challenge.  Today was day 151.  I know we haven't posted much about it but I wanted to let you know we are still in full swing with that :)

Oh and Mike and Charlie (Forever Films) told us that our wedding video will be ready to preview next week.  They are super excited about it.  I was surprised to hear that it's about 45 minutes long.   There will be a "highlight" version that comes out as well that I will post a link to as soon as it's out on the web for viewing. 

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