Friday, January 21, 2011

#Geocache365 project notes

Kris: We're making some decisions to try and further the reach of our #Geocache365 project beyond just our completion of the challenge.  For those of you that follow our Twitter as well, you'll notice we Tweet each of our finds with a picture, plus now that we have our new toy (The HD Bloggie) we are starting to take videos from time to time as well.  We are working on developing the #Geocache365 page on this blog but not entirely sure where it's going to go yet.  So for our Geocaching friends...keep an eye on our blog and the #Geocache365 page.

We were also recently interviewed on Cache-A-Maniacs and that podcast should be posted I think this coming weekend.

We finally got to see our entire wedding video as it was done by Charlie and Mike at Forever Films.   It was so fantastic!  I wish I could post the full video for all to see but it's 53 minutes long so I'm guessing it might be a bit much for YouTube.  But....the feature highlight version should be posted within the next few days so that will be available for all of you.  I was so stoked to see that we got a special message from the finish line announcer who was the one and only John "the Penguin" Bingham!  I've been such a fan of his articles when he was writing for Runner's World.   Charlie...that was money shot #2 whether you knew it or not :D

Mark: The video is absolutely AMAZING!! And worth every penny. We have watched the video several times since we got our BluRay copies. And honestly I can watch it over and over again, especially the highlight video at the end. It really makes me wonder why in this day and age do people place so much emphasis on a wedding photographer? What do you get with a photographer? A photo album that you will look at once when you get it and then probably never look at again. Save yourself the money, collect all of the pictures from your friends and family, everyone has a camera, and put those in an album. Take the money you were planning on for a photographer and hire a GOOD videographer, you will be able to relive your wedding over and over. And Forever Films is a VERY GOOD videographer.

Kris: Hey, Team Baby Dinosaur! You are both in our full feature video so consider yourselves famous ;) Hope we can show it to you when you venture up to our frozen tundra of MN!

Kris: And a little plug for Charlie and Mike, they also have launched this fantastic wedding video series called Forever-TV.    If you are planning a wedding in the Twin Cities area or just love everything wedding, you NEED to check this out!!

Oh yeah, I tend to forget about training.  Since I'm still rehabing this @#%!ing leg and the weather has been anything but favorable for running, we honestly haven't been doing much.   We have been back to Masters Swim at least once per week and have been getting in short runs maybe 1-2 times per week but other than that we've been a bit lazy.   It's quite hard mentally, emotionally to feel like we're being total slugs but at the same time we have been able to prioritize things like going to free social networking events for our ZapEvent work, relax and watch TV without having to be multi-tasking on something else and (most importantly for my sanity), sleeping in more than once a month!   Part of me has a hard time feeling like a lazy slob that is doing nothing but becoming a worse athlete by the day but there is also a part of me that realizes if we're going to have to take a break and me rehab from an isn't such a bad time to do it.

Mark: I am very fustrated with training, the weather in particular. It is so tough to go out in the cold, the snow and the dark to get in any runs. My original plan was to run the Securian Half Marathon in a couple of weeks but at this point I will probably just do the 10K or if our lack of training continues not run the event at all, which I would be really upset at myself. Securian was the very first Half I ever ran and I have run it or a clod shortened half or the 5K every year since. I hate living here in Minnesota at this time of year.

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