Sunday, January 9, 2011

Something Old, Something New

Kris: Sorry folks I've still got wedding on the brain.....should wear off soon ;)

This past week we finally got our new Newton Shoes and gave them a try.   We got VERY lucky to both get our Newtons for free or we wouldn't have had room for them in the budget.  My boss gave me mine for a "bonus" and I won a pair for Mark on a Facebook contest.   Seriously that is some ridiculous luck!   Mine are the trail version and Mark's are the road versions.   The hope is by time summer comes around we can afford to stay out of a box....uh....I mean get Mark the trail shoes and me the road shoes.

Left - Mark's road shoes / Right - Kris's trail shoes
We went to the gym and did about a mile and a half on the short track and then did about the same on the treadmill.  They feel weird but good.   Very soft and I can tell I'm definitely striking mid-sole more.   Leg still got sore but it was post-run so maybe improvement......?

Mark: Since Kris' shoes had to be ordered in, I have had mine for a few days longer and have run in mine twice now. The one thing that I noticed that the bottom of the ball of my foot gets a little numb after a while and my toes were starting to tingle. I changed my lacing and the second part seems to be resolved but the numbness on the balls of my feet might just be a getting used to the shoes thing, that is the area of my foot right above the "lugs" on the bottom of the shoes.

Kris: The something old...our trainers finally made an appearance!  Neither of us have been on our bike seats since the Duathlon last August so it wasn't the easiest ride.   Our two bikes on trainers barely fit in the living room area but it's the only place that makes sense.   We just rode a consistent cadence for the first half of the Packers/Eagles game (damn it Packers won...although I don't like Vick either so it was hard to decide who to root for.)

Random, we put Christmas away this past Tuesday and for some reason when the pine cone wreath was sitting on the boxes, the cats both decided it was a good place to sit and hang out.

We both are having a hard time finding motivation to workout but we just keep trying to find the motivation.   Me with the really bum leg isn't helping as we both just want to run.   And a few days of poor eating choices aren't helping our "get up and go" either but I know we'll get out of that too......right after my next sugar cookie for the evening.  Yeah.....we'll start tomorrow ;) Mark: Tomorrow is a Monday morning swim, that should be interesting.

My opportunity for a Random - I have been fighting with my laptop for about 2 months now, first my XP got corrupted and died on me and then after upgrading the memory and HDD I installed Widows 7, which took all of about 3 weeks to be corrupted and stop working. The ironic part is that the main problem was caused by Microsofts' own update. Well, I have now reinstalled windows 7 again (twice in about a month) and we will see what happens this time. I was able to get it to work on the HDTV and it looks really nice!

That is a full size keyboard at the bottom of the picture. :)

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  1. one thing i love about the newtons from a purely cosmetic standpoint is the fun colors. they just LOOK fun.

    and oh, the trainer. we named ours skippy. he sucks. but, of course, we're still getting used to him.


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