Sunday, December 20, 2009

Breakfast Buddies and Winter Waddle (and Holidazzle) - Part 3

Mark: So it is Sunday morning and Kris is making breakfast, mmmmmmm...., while I post the last update from yesterday.

I will only mention the Winter Waddle 5K in passing as I plan on writing up a post race blog over on my "Work in Progress..." blog, and I am sure Kris might have a thing or two to say about the "race" in her running/racing/training blog as well.

Winter Waddle 5K is by far the most unusual race I have ever run in. This is a race that need a lot of help if you ask me and probably not one I would race again but hey you have to try everything once just for the experience. I will post a picture as a teaser and hopefully you will follow the links to go read more in our other blogs. 
Kris: Yes I have to completely agree that this was probably one of the more interesting 5ks I've ran.  Especially since I am out of shape from not really working out the past two months.  Check my blog later today or tomorrow :)

YES! This is the actual starting line and you are looking at the race course.

After the race and post race snacking we headed home to my house to let the dogs out and stretch their legs for a while and change clothes before heading down to the Holidazzle Parade. Kris mentioned the possibility of trying to fit the parade in this weekend and as far as I can remember I have never been to the Holidazzle Parade. (Kris: Always fun when I find that I'm bringing Mark to do something new together.  I've been to the parade before but it's been probably close to 10 years) We drove down and without telling Kris where we were heading first I made a bee line straight for Caribou Coffee for a warm drink to watch the parade with. I am beginning to think that the coffee flows like water and it is being taken as an assumed thing because Kris did not even look up or even plesantly surprised when I pulled into the parking lot. ;) 
(Kris: Hey, I was tweeting about our wonderful day when we pulled in...and yes, maybe assumed that we were going to be stopping for a Caribou drink...give me a break   :-P  Oh and while I was waiting in the car, "Christmas in Sarajevo" by Trans Siberian Orchestra came on.   First time I've heard it this Christmas season.  Best Christmas song ever!!)

So with drink in hand the next objective was parking, which turned out to be much easier then I anticipated, the lot outside the Library was wide open and that lot is right at the end of the parade route. Unfortunately we had to pay $5 in the little envelope, which in hind site was unnecessary as no one was checking who parked and paid during the 30 minutes we were watching the parade.

So now that the car was parked and we were at the end of the parade route we decided to walk a few block and try to find a good place to watch the parade, which we eventually did and learn a little about parade watching as well. Here are a few pics that I took during the parade.

Kris with her warm drink.


Our view of the parade coming down the street.

A lit up Twins Snowman. Where was Ragnar when you really need him??

One of about a dozen attempts to get a good picture of us with the parade in the background.


End of the parade, a non-lit Twins Snowman. Again no Ragnar!!

All in all a very busy day and fun day!!!

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