Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

Kris: Well the day started with a white awakening.   Overnight we got about 6 inches of snow.  Here's a pictures of my front patio showing the snow depth.

Since we knew the snow would slow our driving a bit we scurried out the door and up to Mark's to take care of the dogs.  Here's him shoveling our way up the front steps.

We got the dogs outside and fed, then Mark and I had to get busy with food prep for both today at my family's house and tomorrow's at his family's Christmas.  He made deviled eggs...

I worked on a cream cheese dip

And we put up most of the Christmas decorations at my house since the dogs like to eat them.  But Mark showed me today that he has this cute little "tree in a bubble" on his side table that they seem to leave alone.

Mark: I just got this out the day before, I saw it when I was getting the wrapping paper out and decided I was going to have at least one Christmas decoration out.

So we got to my parent's house in time to make the popovers for brunch/lunch.  After lunch we cracked open a fantastic red wine my sister, Deb, brought.   Here is her showing off glass #1

Mid-afternoon is started to snow again.  It was the big, fluffy flakes.  Between that and the pine trees full of snow, I felt it was a great opportunity for a picture out on the deck.  Thought it turned out pretty well but my hair was soaked by time we got back inside.   Still worth it :)

Mark: I like this picture! Merry Christmas!

Got a few pictures in front of the tree.   The only way to get Onyx the cat to sit still was to drag his climber into the living room. 

Midday we had a conference call with Mark's Dad and his brother Michael and sister-in-law Cari.  Mark's Dad is down in Arizona so they open gifts via conference line and/or video conferencing.  I get to go shopping!  Got a couple great gift cards from his Dad :)

Before dinner, Mark and I ran out to see this house in Waconia that has a huge light display every year.  It's put to music and he even has his own website and radio station.   I'll try to get some video up on YouTube but here is the link to his website:

Mark: This was amazing! I was a little speechless. We took a viedo of the light show and will post later.

When dinner finally came around we were already stuffed to the gills.  But after a big slice of lasagna and garlic toast we had to put an end to all eating for the night.   So we vegged in the living room and started opening presents.   I'll spare the lists of everything we got but we both got some great stuff and were interrupted by Santa Claus! He stopped by for a visit and even gave Deb a kiss on the cheek!

(it was Mom and Dad's friend Ron so Mrs Claus need not be worried :)

So we finished up gifts around 8:00 or so, sat around chatting for a bit and then we needed to hit the road to get back to our "kids".   Mark ended up dropping me off at my house while he ran up to the dogs and then is currently on his way back down to me.   It made more sense for me to stay at home so I could get tomorrow's dessert baked and cooled and also divert a crisis from work.   Long story short, a customer that has an event coming up on Saturday was having registration issues and people weren't getting charged the right amount.  Luckily it's super easy for me to get into the system remotely so I helped him identify the problem (which was actually someone else in his organization making changes in the account that he didn't know about)
While waiting for Mark to come back, I was bringing out some garbage and recycling and realized the snow is at "snowball stage" now.  The fluff has turned to slightly sticky so I made myself a quick snowman.  Probably only like 8" tall

Mark: This was really cute, I missed it the first time and had to have it pointed out to me.

And here I sit typing the blog to finish the night.  We will likely report back again after tomorrow's Christmas with Mark's family.   Really hoping the next round of snow that is expected doesn't completely mess up driving.

Merry Christmas!!

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