Saturday, December 19, 2009

Breakfast Buddies and Winter Waddling - Part 2

Kris: "Team Dogs" and I had a great time at the Breakfast Buddies event this morning.  We brought my parents along as my Dad has been interested in caching.  Mom.....maybe not so much but she enjoys tagging along.   After catching up with many of our caching friends over omelettes, hash browns and orange juice, we headed out to grab a few caches in the area.   The event was out in Waconia, MN where I grew up and graduated from so it was fun to be out around my stomping grounds.   We picked up a few caches with Mom and Dad along and then dropped them back at home.  There was a new cache Bullseye published the night before that was a 3.5/3.5 so we decided to go give it a shot. 

There is alot of snow on the ground and we had to trek across the big open field to come to an area that has this interesting little "moat" around a tiny island.  Considering how perfectly round it was it HAD to be man-made.   We got to Ground Zero and looked around for a few seconds.  Then, Mark re-read the description.  Between that and the terrain/difficulty rating and the large tree we were standing by, I knew this meant I needed to climb.   So up I went.  And sure enough, taped to a large branch was the cache.   And can you believe it, we were First To Find! (FTF)   Since the cache was published yesterday and there were so many people in town for the Breakfast Buddies event we were sure someone had been here already.   We were so excited.  Made my frozen toes worth the trek :)

Mark: I was hoping that Bullseye could be my 900th find but after we took a look we decided that it would not be good to try this with Kris's parents. My 900th Find ended up being Rotten Egg Cache, which ended up being a challenge for my 900th.

Here's a few pictures from the find.

One of me in the tree holding the cache:

And one of Mark in the center of the little island.   In the middle of nowhere!

We also captured a short video of the find and posted it to Mark's YouTube Channel:

Mark: Now we are off to go run the Winter Waddle 5K and then the Holidazzle Parade.

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