Saturday, December 12, 2009

A New Home and Home for Life

Kris: So this morning after Mark was up until 1am working, we got up early to get back to feed the cats, grab coffee and a bagel sandwich and get to Mark's Moms to start helping Michael and Cari move into their new house. Michael rented the biggest truck available and we helped them get all they needed from storage.

As we were leaving the storage unit, our minds were on caching since we think we found a great location to put a cache. But of course when we did an area search and without meaning to, happened to see a small cache with a geocoin in it. On the story that we needed to go by the post office to drop of a FedEx envelope (which we actually did need to do), we took a long route to their new house, grabbed the cache, hit the P.O. and made our way to their house. Unpacking was 10x faster than packing and Michael and Cari got Papa Murphys pizza for lunch as a thank you for helping with the move.

Then for a few hours in the afternoon we were at the Mall of America volunteering for Home for Life ( an animal sanctuary where I sponsor a cat named Olive). I was loving holding onto two of their cats Peaches and Spyder while Mark was having a blast handling Anook and Dodi (great Dane).

They were there taking donations and people could cone meet the pets and we would tell them their story and about what the sanctuary does. I'll spare the details, just check out

It was a long tiring yet very fun day. As we left the mall we grabbed a warm drink and then saw the mascot for the Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant walking around so of course we had to ask for a picture...

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