Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chilly weekend caching and another event cache

Kris: Heading out this chilly morning (20 degrees F) to pick up another State Park or two on the south side of the cities. Hoping I have enough layers on to keep me warm! Not running today, just going to hike it. There are a few letterbox caches in Sakatah that would be nice to grab since I haven't gotten any of those types yet.

Side note: stopped at Michael and Cari's new house this morning to drop something off. So happy for them but also jealous of the seriously awesome place they got for a great price!!

So to briefly recap yesterday, we were picking up temp caches all week as part of the Poker Fun Run event. Yesterday morning the final cache was placed at 3 am so when one of the dogs decided to wake us up at 5am by throwing up on the foot of the bed ( sigh...) we saw the cache and couldn't resist getting up to go for it. Somewhat unsurprisingly we are second to find.
Went back to my place to take care of the cats and get in a quick nap before bringing my car in for routine service and scouring the area for caches until the event at 4:30 pm. And what a fun event! Well run by cachers RudeRat and Red Devil - we played multiple games of poker/ Texas hold em /etc with different cards we got for getting the temp caches during the week. Unfortunately we didn't win any prizes but had a great time meeting new people and catching up with friends. It was definitely a "who's who" event of Minneapolis cachers :)
Here is a pic of our Wild Card hats:

So back to today, we are heading out soon and will report back on anything exciting

PS - and to the cacher(s) that picked up the travel bug I dropped yesterday and were too impatient to wait for me to log it in the cache this morning and just moved it from it's old location screwing up it's travel logs which is extra sad because it's a brand new bug and now it's first move is actually wrong and was "stollen" from my inventory last night and now looks like it moved out of it's first location twice ....("inhale")... please at least give me a day to move the inventory and obey proper caching etiquette instead of messing up it's route. Thank you...

PPS - due to technical difficulties and me not realizing it was because my app needed an update, this is being posted at 5 pm instead of 11 am when I wrote it :-P
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