Saturday, January 16, 2010

The other two

Kris: so on this warm winter day (yes lately in MN 30 degrees F is considered very warm!) we are taking Journey and Ruger on a caching outting. I've actually never been out with Journey and considering her energy level, this could be an experience ( and workout for my arms and shoulders)

Here's us in the car getting ready to go.

Journey and Ruger are...well...not the brightest two bulbs on our family tree but they are very excited to be out with us today. Normally Roscoe and Sugar come out with us because they are a little more sane but the event this afternoon should be good for these "other two" :)

We found out there is a geocaching get together in St Paul at a park. So it's a perfect opportunity for Team Dogs to bring out a few of his crew to socialize. Lunch, caching and a bonfire. Should be fun on this nice day

Will take pictures and report back later :)

PS-there is actually a 5th member of our canine family, Truffle. But being a little(round) min pin, she won't be out with us until it warms up a little more

Here's a pic of her from Xmas. Not sure if I posted this before but it's a cute shot of us embarrassing her for entertainment purposes


  1. Is one of your dogs called Ruger!!!!!?????
    Our two are called Ruger & Neve!!



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