Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter Cache Bash and a Vikings WIN!

Kris: OK so I'm a little slow in getting this blog up but it's been a busy week!

Last Saturday we went to a Winter Cache Bash put on by some local cachers. It was simply a pot luck type get together and the weather was actually somewhat mild. Here's a pic of the food area.

We decided since it wasn't completely bitterly cold, we would bring a couple of the dogs along. Journey and Ruger (as I mentioned before) aren't the brightest two in the bunch but since we knew it would be a short outting and not a ton of walking we brought them along. They tend to criss cross a lot when walking so here's a pic of Mark doing the "twist" to untangle himself. I was trying to walk with Journey most of the time and she wore me out! She likes to pull in every direction as hard as possible!

Mark: This is of course one of the reasons why these two don't get to go out as much as Roscoe and Sugar. You can sort of see it in the picture, I have a pink winter doggie coat for Journey.

Kris: There were two simple caches in the park that we managed to pick up. We also got to discover the travel bug in the picture below. Called Grey Wolf and Wild Rice's Creamy Wild Rice Soup. One of the more interesting items I've seen as a travel bug. Although the Big Blue Ball was there too (don't have the pic of it right now)

Mark: I had to remind Kris to blur out the Wild Rice Travel Bug tracking number other wise any geocaches reading this could have logged the soup.

Kris: All in all it was a fun, quick outting to catch up with other cachers.

We also recently setup a trade of our pathtag and Mark got this really cool glow in the dark tag

Mark: Near....... Far........

Kris: Sunday was quite the adventure as it was the Vikings Playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. My parents have always wanted to see a football game at the Metrodome so we gave them two tickets to come with us. It was a VERY high energy game the whole way through (especially since the Vikings were always ahead). Mom and Dad had a blast of a time with all the "stuff" going on and the people that were there. I think they are going to be talking about that one for awhile!

And they also went out the next day and bought a new big screen TV for the next game :)

Mark: Which we get ot help them setup this coming Saturday. ;)

Kris: I became intrigued by a green line on the side of the field that was quite often guarded at one end by two officers. Anyone have ANY idea what that line is for??? It's going to bug me until I find out :)

We had a super fun time at the game! Especially after the extremely obnoxious Dallas fan behind us started to shut up somewhere in the 3rd quarter :) We both came out with sore hands, throats and ringing ears but it was SO worth it. 34-3 was the final score. Now if only the next game was at home too! Unfortunately this weekend's game will be in New Orleans so we'll have to resort to watching it on TV.

Mark: I especially enjoyed the fact that the loud mouth, abusive Cowboy fan that was sitting behind us was complete deflated by the end of the third quarter. And it was really sad that by the end of the game he was shouting out "Go Saints" What a LOSER!!!

Kris: Here is the best pic we got of Brett Favre doing interviews after the game was over.

For our devoted followers, I might suggest you check out our individual blogs as well over the next few months. While we are doing a 90 day "thing" together, we decided it's something that is better tracked on our individual blogs. Especially considering much of the reason behind it is for training and racing. So, if you are interested, I'll be posting a blog about that next. Mark has already posted his blog.

Mark: My personal blog is: Work in Progress

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