Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ah, Memories...

Kris: So we are on our way to Milwaukee for a multisport expo that I will cover in a following post.   But I had an interesting find along the way.   We were scanning the geocaching app while we were driving and happened to notice there was a cache that listed quite a bit of inventory.  It was actually in a tiny Wisconsin town where my old company has a manufacturing facility.   And I couldn't believe it but the cache we wanted to go for was within 1/4 mile of the building.

We both dropped some travel items and picked up a couple bugs and a coin.   Here's a picture of me with the cache. In the far background is my old company's building

I worked for that company for almost 10 years.   I'm very glad the sequence of events that happened after I left there lead me to now be working for USAT and for Zap.

Oh and did I mentioned I was part of a big layoff?  Yeah I'm not bitter over that...

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  1. I can totally see that you were not bitter at all!!! LOL

    I think when this comes through to your email (if it does!?) it will have my email address with it. I hope.



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