Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's 2010

Kris: So for New Year's Eve we were planning on dinner and then heading out to a friend's house party.  We both had to work that day but met for dinner around 7:00pm.   After dinner at TGI Fridays, we went back to my place for what was supposed to be just a few minutes but ended up playing with the cats on the living room floor and then falling asleep.   We woke up around 11pm and decided that 2010 would come whether we stayed up to watch it or not.   I do wish I had a picture of the moon.  Wow it was so bright out!  With the blue moon and all the snow it really didn't get dark that night.

New Year's morning we had to be up much earlier than I would have liked for a day off to do something most of you know I can't stand.  Being cold!  Yes I do still live in MN and some winters openly question why I don't leave :-P    It was about 6 degrees F outside when Mark, our friend Andy and myself decided to strip down to swimwear and willingly jump into a large hole cut in the ice at Lake Minnetonka.   It was the ALARC Ice Dive.   Mark did it last year.  Andy and I were jumping for the first time.   Honestly the worst part of the whole thing was getting down to my swimsuit and old tennies and waiting around in a cold room and then in a cold tent for about an hour before it was our turn.  By time we were brought out onto the dock, my feet were so frozen they were in pain and it was crawling up past my knees.   I'm pretty sure if you asked a medical professional...we were all NOT treating our bodies very nicely.   But we do it in the name of "fun" (or insanity maybe).

Mark: It was insanely fun!! ;)

Once we finally got to jump, you just had to not think about it and go.  I'll save the details for the video.   My friend Jessica captured our jump and the video is currently on my Facebook profile for those of you that have access.  For those that don't, as soon as I have the file we will post it in a follow-up post.

Mark: When you do watch the video, please note that I did not abandon Kris as soon as we hit the water, there were two guys with hooks that will pull you to the end with the ladder if you want the help, but since there were three of us jumping, Kris, Andy and me, I decided to swim on my own and let Kris have the option of the hook. (Michael!)

For me I really don't remember hitting the water.  I remember in vivid detail everything once my skin hit the cold air coming out of the water.   Instantly the water running from my hair frozen and as I climbed the ladder to get out, the air was like pins and needles.  I grabbed my towel and ran for the building shivering so badly I could barely reach my feet to get my shoes off!  While I was NOT in a happy place for that minute or so...I was SOO glad it was over!!  All for a hot breakfast, t-shirt and promotion to a status of "minnow"

Mark: I am a Walleye!! I wll say this about the Ice Dive this year, it was MUCH colder then my first dive last year. At first the water shocks the breath out of you and then the survival instincts take over and all you can think about is getting out of the water as fast as you can. Last year was almost enjoyable compared to this year. (Kris: Cari if you are reading....only three corrections to this paragraph.  I think his spelling is

Here are some pictures:

Rest of the day was pretty relaxing.  A short swim and soak at the club, then we went out to see "Avatar" at the new Showplace theater in St Louis Park.   Gotta dig the 3D glasses.  The affect is much better than I've ever remembered but the glasses are still NOT hot :-P    

Mark: Avatar is AMAZING!!! It is a fairly basic story, cowboys and indians but the visuals are beautiful, you can almost forget that almost eveything in the movie is computer generated. And I loved the 3D, not over the top but a very subtle touch that enhances the movie with out being the focus. This new technology will change the industry, sort of like Matrix did back in 1999. What you don't see in the picture above is that we are sitting on a couch in the movie theater lounge where we enjoyed a glass of wine before the movie.

Saturday was very relaxed in the morning.   I have been anxious to take my new GPS for a test drive so we found a cache to pickup in EP where we could also drop our first 2010 pathtag :)  Then we braved a very large crowd in IKEA to find a new coffee table for my place.  It was fun picking out furniture together :)  Although I don't think there could have been more people packed into that store!

The evening I was at the Mall of America volunteering my time for HFL again.  I got to hang out with Dodi the Harlequin Dane.  

Unfortunately since Mark wasn't with me this time we missed out on a group shot with the Rainforest Cafe mascot.

Mark was with his guy friends playing their new games.  I'll let him briefly elaborate....

Mark: Got together with the guys for game night. I brought along my new Carcassonne game (Thanks Dad!) and we played that twice in addition to a game of Smallworld and we finished the night with PowerGrid. The night broke up at about 1am. A good time was had by all.

Today we were at the Vikings game.  Traded tickets and were in the opposite corner than Mark's season tickets

Last of the season against NYG.  It was a HUGE win as we are trying to bypass the wildcard game next weekend. 

We are now back at home watching the Philly vs Dallas game. I'm enjoying typing up this blog from my couch on my new coffee table :D  Mark was nice enough to put it together while I cleaned up the kitchen. 

Now we just need Dallas to win and so far so good ;)

Mark: Go Cowboys!!!

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