Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pretty glad you listened to me now, aren't ya honey?

Kris: So yesterday I was sitting at work and the well known "bling!" was heard of a new email coming in.  Of course I had to check it.   It was about 4:40 and the new email was a new cache that was just published about 6 miles down the river parkway.  I sent Mark a message and luckily he was already headed home from work and was pointed in my relative direction.  I told him about the new cache and since it was downtown, he was fairly ceratin we couldn't make the FTF and considering the cold weather and our evening plans to try and get on the road to Milwaukee, he almost convinced me out of it.   But I luckily convinced him it would be a fun little adventure, even if we didn't get FTF and maybe would be lucky enough that some of the inventory would still be in there or swapped out for others.

Mark: During rush our is one of the most difficult times of the day to get a FTF.

Kris: So he picked me up from work about 45 minutes after the cache was published and we made our way over to the parkway.   We had to park and then find a way across the running path and make our way down the snowy river bank.  We saw someone else rummaging in the trees so we figured they would have it by time we got down there.  But when we finally got down to him, he was having trouble finding it as well.    After about 10 minutes of searching, Mark found it in an area I already checked.  But I didn't move the rocks so I missed it.  

And can you believe it, we got FTF!!   Even more exciting, I saw there was a pathtag I already had, two geocoins and paper money from Scotland.   Now wait a minute....these were all items placed in the cache as FTF swag from a cacher named Geo-Gophers.   I'm not sure the connection but their items were placed in this MN cache by a local cacher, andrewmcc.   The crazy thing is, Ali (from Geo-Gophers) requested a trade of our pathtag for theirs about two months ago.   At the time we didn't know each other and that's how I first met her online.   Now think about that..... What are the chances that now they had a cache placed in MN where we get the FTF?  Pretty darn slim!  Mark took the pathtag so now we both have this super cute pathtag of Geo-Gophers.

So after getting the FTF, picking up a pathtag, two geocoins and Scotland money between the two of us.  I think Mark is pretty glad I convinced him into the little caching outting downtown ;)

Here's us near the cache's hiding place.

And as we were leaving, it was nearing dark and I got this great picture of the new 35W bridge with the lights on.  It's very pretty in person, the picture doesn't do it full justice.

Mark: OK, Yes I am glad I listened to you. ;)

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  1. That is a cute pathtag!
    Looks like you've been doing some fun stuff the last few days.
    I really like the bridge photo too.


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